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Beijing Sunnny Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in import and domestic mobile cranes repair ,located in Beijing,China,. Hasing a high ceiling 14 meters, an area of 3,000 square meters of large-scale industrial plants; independent sandblasting, paint shop and parts warehouse; crane, hanging tire, NC related wire cutting, CNC bending machine and other large processing equipment ranging; 21,000 square meters of space, 1,200 square meters of modern office space; serving 66 employees, involving mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, mechanical, computer-aided design and other professional and technical personnel 45 people. April 2009, the company established a maintenance factory in Shanghai. Since then, BSM Co. will be based in Beijing and Shanghai to provide a comprehensive national crane services, including accident re-manufacturing machine, boom repairs, hydraulic systems and electrical systems on-site repair services. Real materials, low prices are BSM promise!

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Beijing Sunny Machinery Co. Ltd
#1 Industry Zone of Xuanzhuanghu
LiSui Country
Shunyi District
Company Tel: +86 1089 484900
Company Fax: +86 1089 484970
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Tony Wang

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Company Type: Manufacturer, ServiceCompany

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