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GIRAFFE is a unique partner in the market of construction equipment. It considerably differs from other companies thanks to wide geography of delivery of its cranes, excellent client service and reliability of the offered production. Improved control technologies, ease of operation in any weather conditions, mobility and profitability do its equipment an ideal construction tool.

The GIRAFFE Cranes offers individual approach to every client. This means providing support and guidance throughout the project implementation process.
It is always ready to go to meet the customer's needs and give them the optimum financial solution. The wealth of experience of its engineering service allows it to resolve any issue in the shortest time possible. You as a client can work with the Giraffe Company without worrying about the little things - it can also take care of transportation, collection, supervised erection and training your employees as regards our control and safety system.

The GIRAFFE Cranes offers universal design in construction of any size. Broad experiences in sphere of lifting equipment production as well as special attention to the client's requirements have helped GIRAFFE Cranes to create the nearly perfect relationship system with a client.

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Zagorodnaya 18-5, 454048 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Company Tel: +7 (351) 729-92-93
Company Fax: +7 (351) 729-92-93
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Andrey Poroshin
Andrey Poroshin

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