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Gunnebo Industries is a global leading manufacturer of products such as crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, chain & lifting components, shackles and lashing products, which are exclusively produced in Sweden, Norway and USA. The company has subsidiaries in 10 countries covering every continent, as well as distributing partners in more than 50 countries, making Gunnebo Industries a truly international company.

Contact Details

Gunnebo Industrier AB
Vasagatan 20 A
722 15 Västerås
Company Tel: +46 (0)21 83 84 00
Company Fax: +46 (0) 21 838 228
Company Email: export@gunnebolifting.com
Company Website: www.gunneboindustries.com

Key Personnel

Fredrik Bergegaird
Mattias L?fqvist
Ulla Pihl
Email: export@gunnebolifting.com

Company Details

Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.gunneboindustries.com
URL: www.gunneboindustries.com
URL: www.gunneboindustries.com

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