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Our expertise is reflected in an impressive product portfolio of state-of-the-art cable reels and slip ring bodies. Innovative capability, reliability as well as the flexibility of a medium-sized company contributed to the success of Hartmann & König. Our expertise in the area of energy supply to mobile consumers is based on 70 years of experience in the development and production of cable reels and slip ring systems.

We support our customers with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, who can develop a solution for the most challenging applications. In this way, we offer virtually all types of motorized cable reels for spiral or cylindrical winding and unwinding of cables, ropes or hoses tailored to customer requirements. We energize mobility. Worldwide.

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Hartmann & König Stromzuführungs AG
Company Tel: +49 7255 7120-0
Company Fax: +49 7255 5038
Company Email: info@hukag.com
Company Website: www.hukag.com

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Company Type: ServiceCompany
URL: www.hukag.com

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