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With over 30 years experience worldwide we encounter challenges in the field of heavy-duty movement with valuable routine and determined professionalism:


Take advantage of the opportunity to have access to smart system solutions and flexible services. We make it our intention to become familiar with the individual project, and a contact person from our company will provide effective solutions and deliver the right equipment. We always deliver the highest quality and service to ensure you quick and smooth running of your projects.

Heavy loads can cause serious damage. This awareness is a key component of our thinking and acting. Over 30 years of "Lifting the World" has sensitised us concerning preventive action and you and your project can benefit from it.

We look forward to working with you!

Contact Details

Krah GmbH
Richard Strauss
Strasse 31
Company Tel: +49 7941 8325
Company Fax: +49 7941 37994
Company Email: krah@lift-systems.de
Company Website: www.lift-systems.de

Key Personnel

Peter Krah
Email: krah@lift-systems.de

Company Details

Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.lift-systems.de

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