NTK Ingenieurbüro GmbH

The company NTK is a manufacturer of electrical control and safety systems for cranes. The systems are for topless and luffing cranes and can be used with different types and brands. Another area of operation for NTK is the manufacture and sale of zoning and anticollision systems.

Contact Details

NTK Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Brinkstraße 15
Company Tel: +49 5951 953350
Company Fax: +49 5951 953355
Company Email: info@ntk-technik.de
Company Website: www.ntk-technik.de

Key Personnel

Alexander Klassen
Bernd Niehoff
Email: info@ntk-technik.de Ralf Tensing

Company Details

Company Type: Manufacturer
URL: www.ntk-technik.de
URL: www.ntk-technik.de
URL: www.ntk-technik.de

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