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Solum (Europe) Limited has introduced a range of innovative, aluminium temporary foundation and crane outrigger pads. The modular Solum units are available in a range of sizes, from 600 x 600mm, capable of spreading a 20t SWL to 600 x 1800mm which can be used in a 5-pad arrangement to spread a 100t SWL.

This engineered temporary foundation has been designed from first principles utilising finite element analysis to optimise strength, whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The lack of weight ensures the smaller units can be lifted, carried and placed by a single individual, with only two people needed to move the largest units, helping speed up on-site set ups.
The Solum has been designed to take the guesswork out of specifying temporary foundations. In the past construction engineers have typically had to contend with old railway sleepers or non-engineered plastic solutions, with little known about their history or performance under load.

The Solum has been designed so it could be laid in a variety of configurations to accommodate a large range of loads, yet remain light enough to be man-handleable. Currently to get strong steel pads into place, the crane will often have to be short-rigged and lift the heavy pads into place, whilst on little or no adequate foundation. Our much-lighter Solum pads will make working around cranes a lot safer by significantly reducing the need to short rig."

The Solum units are all 600 mm wide, but come in three lengths; 600, 1200 and 1800 mm, which can be used singly, or combined in a variety of arrangements to spread an impressive range of loads. The smallest pad can not only be used as a foundation for smaller crane loads, but also for falsework, propping and lorry loaders.

Although the team at Solum were confident in their calculations, they put the units units through rigorous independent testing with Lloyds British Group, the international leader in test, inspection and certification, to confirm the results of extensive finite element analysis. Despite the light weight of each unit, they performed as predicted, with the innovative design able to spread the load throughout.

Solum received valuable support from Sapa, the world leader in aluminium solutions, who helped us specify the aluminium used; a grade that combines high tensile strength with low weight. Although when used correctly the Solum will provide decades of valuable service to the construction and crane industries, when it becomes time to replace them, they have the added bonus of being 100% recyclable.



Direct Link to On-line Brochure : http://www.thesolum.com/online_brochure/


Technical Data Sheets : http://www.thesolum.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/The_Solum_Technical_data_sheet.pdf


Lloyds British Test Certificate : http://www.thesolum.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Solum-full-test-report.pdf


and further detail on 'The Solum' website www.thesolum.com


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Solum (Europe) Ltd.
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