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Waterland Trading are the exclusive importer for the Netherlands and Belgium of the renowned German Tadano FAUN cranes. The company is also active globally selling used cranes. The supply of spare parts and telescopic crane service and maintenance complete the total service package offered by Waterland Trading.

Contact Details

Waterland Trading BV
P.O.Box 1171, 1440 Bd, Purmerend
The Netherlands
Company Tel: +31 299 39 00 55
Company Fax: +31 299 39 00 60
Company Email: info@waterland-trading.nl
Company Website: http://www.waterlandtrading.nl

Key Personnel

Jacob Wijnker
Email: info@waterland-trading.nl

Company Details

Company Type: Cranes Dealer
URL: http://www.waterlandtrading.nl

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