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World Power Erkin was established with 32 years of experience and knowledge of the World Power Erkin Company Limited, has an important place in Turkey's leading crane and construction machinery manufacturers.

Robustness and technology with the way the principle of our company, as well as standard products, fully capable of responding to customer needs in producing tailored machines is one of the few companies in the world. At the same time, never compromising the quality has not been working with a number of parts suppliers in the world in the field. Starting from 9 tm up to 450 tm with surge-up produced by the truck-mounted boom crane, the world's largest crane manufacturers, which aims to find its World Power Erkin , truck mounted it produces up to 80 tons lifting capacity telescopic boom crane with the only one in Turkey holds.

450 tm knuckle boom crane and assign a first in the world to our companies primary objective is undertaken of all worldwide crane companies, the factory setup made in the under-roof and inside buildings, in the process of dismantling and handling has been to prevent the loss of time and labor. Made under the roof and narrow areas not previously possible crane works, is produced by World Power Erkin processing machines that make it possible with this crane is proud to be a pioneer in this field in the world.

All kinds of construction, restoration and repairs in the building can use knuckle boom cranes and still building, prefabricated building construction and oil / gas exploration - which can be used for the transport of mining equipment as well as the telescopic boom crane; World Power Erkin up to 320 Ton capacity boat lifts / carrier, Towing / Recovery Tools and trenching / manufactures cleaning excavators.

Our company engaged in the production of European standards that have been certified CE and TUV certification of the reliability of production and products; Erkin technical service team in Turkey, its customers a fast and effective after sales services it provides through the distributors has earned the right confidence.

450 Ton self propelled cranes project launch and implement the world\'s most powerful knuckle boom get succeeded in producing the crane World Power Erkin processing machines, thanks to the always-on mentality of technology and innovation will continue to be the leader in Turkey and the world.

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World Power Erkin
Denizli Asfalti Uzeri
09930 Kuyucak
Company Website: www.worldpower.com.tr

Key Personnel

Muhammed Dergah Yuce
Email: Muhammed@worldpower.com.tr Tugba Kurut
Email: tugba@worldpower.com.tr

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