Conquer the sea

17 February 2017

Conquest Offshore’s MB-1 heavy-lift barge was used to remove the Troll Solution jack-up rig from the 30m-deep seabed off the Bay of Campeche, Mexico.

The accident occurred in May 2015, when the Troll Solution jack-up in the Bay of Campeche collapsed during positioning to carry out maintenance work related to a production platform.

The operations were led by salvage and response company Ardent Global. To successfully complete the procedure, Ardent deployed the Conquest MB-1 crane barge and non-traditional hoisting technologies with a 1,000t hydraulic salvage grab.

The six pieces that made up the deck house and the 31 pieces from the vessel’s hull were lifted over the course of 2016.

With the project in the Gulf of Mexico, more than 10,000 operational hours were reached without any mechanical downtime.

“The experience and knowhow gained in a complex project like this in an oil and gas field has elevated us to the next level,” said Michiel Zwagerman, CEO of Conquest Offshore. “The project showed excellent integration of the people, assets and technologies, and we look forward to conquering more challenges with our partners in the offshore industry.”

Following the success, the Conquest MB-1 is now in the Louisiana area in the Gulf of Mexico, en-route to future projects.

The Conquest MB-1 salvages wreckage from the collapsed Troll Solution in the Gulf of Mexico.
Conquest Offshore’s MB-1 crane barge.