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February 2019


The fast-beating heart of Europe
14 February 2019 With Poland experiencing a construction boom, and the Czech Republic seeing unemployment at a record low, finding work is getting easier, but finding workers can be hard. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports.

Are cranes electric?
14 February 2019 Diesel engines are polluting, and face ever-stricter controls on their use. But mobile cranes need power, and lots of it. Is electric power for mobile cranes a realistic possibility? Julian Champkin plugs in to the possible technologies.

Flat tops power up
14 February 2019 Large-capacity tower cranes used to be hammerheads or luffers. Now flat-top tower cranes are increasing their lifting power and finding new applications. Julian Champkin reports.

A first peek
14 February 2019 Shortly before this issue was published, Sotiris Kanaris attended the pre-Bauma Media Dialog and chatted with lifting and special transport manufacturers about what they plan to unveil at the trade fair.

January 2019


Delivering 59 Turbines
21 January 2019 After being awarded its largest renewables project to date, Collett & Sons’s team began delivering Dorenell Wind Farm, near Dufftown, currently the largest Contract for Difference (CfD) project in the UK for onshore wind.

ALE designs Transition Piece Carrier
21 January 2019 ALE has designed a new modular transport frame specialised in carrying transition pieces (TPs) within marshalling ports, to reduce offshore wind project costs.

World’s largest reachstacker
21 January 2019 The world’s largest reachstacker, developed in close cooperation between N.C. Nielsen and Blue Water Shipping, is being used to help with the heavy lifting of windmill towers, nacelles and other heavy haulage at the harbour area in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Liebherr’s one simple guideline for safe wind turbine blade lifts
21 January 2019 Liebherr has developed the SLGS single-line guiding system for the installation of individual wind turbine blades using rotor blade yokes.

Telehandlers rising!
21 January 2019 Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr, looks at the increasing role for telehandlers, rather than traditional small mobile cranes, on many construction projects.

Experienced and powerful
21 January 2019 With more than six decades in operation, four focusing on crane rental, Tat Hong has become one of the strongest players in the global crane market. Sotiris Kanaris visits the company’s headquarters in Singapore and talks with Mike Ng, chief executive offi cer, ASEAN.

Big modules demand big mobiles
21 January 2019 Sotiris Kanaris visited Asiagroup’s offices in Singapore and talked with business development manager Jeffrey Poh about the company and the local market, where a government focus on volumetric modular construction, and on infrastructure projects, is pushing demand for high capacity all terrains.

A lion among tigers
21 January 2019 Manitowoc’s Southeast Asia headquarters are in the ‘Lion City’ of Singapore, where the manufacturer is devising a strategy for boosting business in a fi ercely-competitive region. Sotiris Kanaris visited the company, and spoke to sales director Marco Zucchet.

Made in China
21 January 2019 After some poor years for the crane market in China, government initiatives and a booming construction sector are focussing minds on global expansion. Julian Champkin reports.

Liebherr unpins ballast for 242t bridge lift
21 January 2019 A Liebherr LR 1750/2 was used to hoist a 242t arched bridge in the small village of Nobitz in the State of Thuringia, Germany.

December 2018


An open list of the world's fleets
18 December 2018 Our annual Fleet File survey

Rigging with the bulls
18 December 2018 Bull rigging is easy to recognise but hard to define as a way of moving a load. Perhaps that is why there is a growing shortage of skilled bull riggers. Julian Champkin tries to pin down the elusive subject.

Heavy hydraulics
18 December 2018 In the second of two articles, Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr, assesses current demand for heavy duty crawler cranes, and looks at the important innovations made by Japanese manufacturers.

Wheels in motion
18 December 2018 Mobile crane orders in Australia skyrocketed this year. Combining information from a series of interviews with material from CICA’s annual conference sessions, Sotiris Kanaris looks at the state of the market for crane suppliers and hirers.

A tower and mobile in tandem
18 December 2018 Wilbert’s Swiss crane rental partner Thomas Kaufmann Turmkrane AG supplied a WT 650 e.tronic to work in tandem with a mobile crane to remove an old railway bridge in Rossinière

Welex - On firm ground
14 December 2018 Welex, established in the 1920s, takes its name from the name of the owner at the time, Westerhout, and the place where the company is situated, Lexmond. It started selling railway sleepers and dragline mats, and now trades crane mats internationally.