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April 2019


Turning tides
18 April 2019 The Thames Tideway project in London replaces a Victorian sewerage system that was a wonder in its day. Julian Champkin looks at the many lifting tasks and problems of such a huge infrastructure project.

Last mile delivery
18 April 2019 Felbermayr supplied lattice boom and all terrain cranes for the expansion of a wheat starch factory in the Lower Austrian town of Pischelsdorf.

March 2019


Energy boost
21 March 2019 Through a series of case studies, we look at how the energy sector is creating demand for heavy lifts and special transport in the USA.

Homing in
21 March 2019 Julian Champkin looks at how diferent approaches to house building—both innovative and traditional—have driven different approaches to lifting materials around the world.

Good for wood
21 March 2019 Sustainability, disenchantment with plastic, and the use of new wood products such as cross-laminated timber in construction are placing new emphasis on the timber industry. Julian Champkin looks at the cranes that serve the industry.

Team Players
21 March 2019 Sotiris Kanaris looks at what different manufacturers of accessories, components and materials are going to exhibit at the event.

Heavyweight champions
19 March 2019 Alongside general construction equipment, Bauma will showcase companies offering solutions for moving and lifting oversized loads and performing critical project lifts. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Mini but mighty
19 March 2019 At Bauma, visitors will be able to have a closer look at the latest innovations in mini cranes, spider cranes and pick and carry cranes. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Rotating display
19 March 2019 An exciting show awaits those interested in telehandlers, as manufacturers will be launching numerous products. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

A load of loaders
19 March 2019 Sotiris Kanaris finds that truck mounted crane manufacturers have prepared an exciting show for Bauma attendees, as they will be unveiling numerous new machines in Munich.

Higher technology
18 March 2019 This Bauma edition will see launches of exciting new technologies and cranes across the different tower crane categories. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Moving targets
18 March 2019 Mobile crane manufacturers are keeping plenty of surprises in store for Bauma. But, with announcements on cranes ranging from 25t city cranes, via a selection of all terrains, all the way up to a new 800t crawlers, there’s sure to be plenty to see. Will North reports.

February 2019


The fast-beating heart of Europe
14 February 2019 With Poland experiencing a construction boom, and the Czech Republic seeing unemployment at a record low, finding work is getting easier, but finding workers can be hard. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports.

Are cranes electric?
14 February 2019 Diesel engines are polluting, and face ever-stricter controls on their use. But mobile cranes need power, and lots of it. Is electric power for mobile cranes a realistic possibility? Julian Champkin plugs in to the possible technologies.

Flat tops power up
14 February 2019 Large-capacity tower cranes used to be hammerheads or luffers. Now flat-top tower cranes are increasing their lifting power and finding new applications. Julian Champkin reports.

A first peek
14 February 2019 Shortly before this issue was published, Sotiris Kanaris attended the pre-Bauma Media Dialog and chatted with lifting and special transport manufacturers about what they plan to unveil at the trade fair.

January 2019


Delivering 59 Turbines
21 January 2019 After being awarded its largest renewables project to date, Collett & Sons’s team began delivering Dorenell Wind Farm, near Dufftown, currently the largest Contract for Difference (CfD) project in the UK for onshore wind.

ALE designs Transition Piece Carrier
21 January 2019 ALE has designed a new modular transport frame specialised in carrying transition pieces (TPs) within marshalling ports, to reduce offshore wind project costs.

World’s largest reachstacker
21 January 2019 The world’s largest reachstacker, developed in close cooperation between N.C. Nielsen and Blue Water Shipping, is being used to help with the heavy lifting of windmill towers, nacelles and other heavy haulage at the harbour area in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Liebherr’s one simple guideline for safe wind turbine blade lifts
21 January 2019 Liebherr has developed the SLGS single-line guiding system for the installation of individual wind turbine blades using rotor blade yokes.