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July 2020


Bridging Europe
10 July 2020 Bridges of various sizes have been installed, transported or dismantled around Europe in recent months, Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Harbouring resources
10 July 2020 Mobile harbour cranes' versatility has made them extremely attractive to ports all over the world. Julian Champkin looks at the market.

Focus on fuel
10 July 2020 There is a strong innovation drive among reachstacker manufacturers, as they are looking to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Julian Champkin reports.

June 2020


Heading Offshore
10 June 2020 The increased size of offshore oil and gas components has inevitably influenced the way they are being transported, Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Steep climb
10 June 2020 Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, analyses the market for telecrawlers and identifies trends.

A Year of UK Lifting
10 June 2020 Many lifting projects came to fruition in the UK in the past 12 months. Some were large, some were small, some were complex; some were just of interesting or unusual loads. Here Julian Champkin describes just a few of them.

Overlooking the strip
10 June 2020 Morrow Equipment chose five Liebherr 542 HC-L 18/36 tower cranes for the construction of the Resorts World Las Vegas resort and casino.

May 2020


Feeling attached
19 May 2020 Between the crane and the load comes the device that attaches the two together. Julian Champkin finds they are many and varied.

Heavier lifts on rough terrain
14 May 2020 Rough terrain end users have been increasingly interested in higher capacity models, especially in North America. New models of 100USt or more have been launched, could we reach 200USt? Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Do RTs differ regionally?
14 May 2020 Sotiris Kanaris looks into geographical differences in rough terrain manufacturers’ models and offerings.

Transporting and installing girders
14 May 2020 Mammoet has completed the heavy lift and transport scope for the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) Project in Canada, which began in 2017.

Moving around Texas
14 May 2020 In mid-April, Barnhart Crane & Rigging was tasked to transport nine fracking unit components from the fabrication shop to the construction site where the unit is being built. To move one of them, a 800,000lb (363t) depropanizer column vessel, was more challenging than the others.

Gas plant expansion
14 May 2020 Sarens recently completed Phase II expansion work at the Wapiti Gas Plant, a liquid handling and gas processing facility in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Two in one
14 May 2020 In March, Tadano announced a new structure that would see all of the company’s operations in the Americas managed as one, through Tadano America Corporation (TAC). Will North spoke to TAC CEO Ingo Schiller about the change

Lighthouse on the move
14 May 2020 Danish heavy lifting company, BMS Krangården has used an Enerpac EVO multipoint synchronised lifting system to rescue a 120-year-old lighthouse from coastal erosion on the north-west coast of Jutland in Denmark.

April 2020


Remote places
13 April 2020 Julian Champkin looks at the latest remote control systems for cranes.

Derricks rise again
08 April 2020 Derricks are a simple and elegant lifting solution that has been around since the earliest times and are just as useful, though sometimes neglected, today. Julian Champkin looks at derricks, from Bigge’s biggest, to easy-to-carry compact devices.

Highs and lows
08 April 2020 Countries in South East Asia have faced economic and political challenges in recent years, but things have started to change. Sotiris Kanaris talks to regional crane rental companies about the market and big projects.

Stronger cranes, stronger gains
08 April 2020 Yongmao sees a shift in the demand towards higher capacity tower cranes in South East Asia. Sotiris Kanaris talks to Yongmao’s sales marketing manager Jonas Tan.

Kobelco duo for port expansion
06 April 2020 Marine, civil engineering and building contractor Keating Construction is using a Kobelco BM700 and a CKE1100G crawler cranes for work on the expansion of the Dinish Wharf in Castletownbere, County Cork, Ireland.