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July 2018


Ready to go
16 July 2018 A new wireless wind speed system from Mantracourt aims to become a leader within the crane industry

A message on the wind
16 July 2018 Etesian, makers of a self-powered anemometer, have added text messaging capabilities to their latest device.

Biala bridge built
13 July 2018 A Liebherr all terrain and a crawler worked together to build a bridge in the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Crossing Brazos River
13 July 2018 Two Liebherr LTM 1500- 8.1s were used for the construction of the Loop 340 bridge over the Brazos River in Waco, Texas.

Bridge removal in record time
13 July 2018 Burkhalter Rigging has used an Enerpac JS-Series jack-up system to remove parts of San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge's old east span

GAVSA takes RT into desert
13 July 2018 In July 2017, GAVSA, of Tabasco, Mexico, was awarded a crane rental contract for the Atizapán–Atlacomulco Highway project, working on a job site in Mexico’s central desert.

Cranes rise in Kuwait
13 July 2018 Many cranes will be used for the construction of a new passenger terminal in Kuwait’s International Airport. NFT is providing a fleet of Potains, while Mammoet will deploy big crawler cranes.

Luffing further
13 July 2018 There is a small but increasingly competitive market for 700tm luffing cranes able to lift as much as 64t to great heights. Originating in the needs of cities like New York for cranes that can operate in confined spaces, they are now spreading worldwide, and finding uses beyond city-centre skyscrapers. Julian Champkin reports.

Express growth
13 July 2018 The Grand Paris Express project aims to improve transport arround the Île-de- France region surrounding Paris.

Plane flies with Prangl
13 July 2018 Austrian hire firm Prangl has ‘flown’ a plane to the roof of a hotel in Graz.

June 2018


Getting heavy
25 June 2018 Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) is raising the capacity and diversity of its rigging stock, whilst equipping itself to respond to increasing demand for complex below-the-hook solutions, to more efficiently serve the heavy-lift sector.

House style
25 June 2018 Family houses are much the same the world over, but the cranes used to construct them vary widely. Julian Champkin reports.

The mobile alternative
25 June 2018 Sotiris Kanaris tours around Spierings’s modern manufacturing facility in Oss, the Netherlands, and interviews commercial director Koos Spierings about the new hybrid City Boy and the market for mobile tower cranes.

Building together
25 June 2018 At the headquarters of subsidiary Kenz Figee, Sotiris Kanaris met MeeMaken’s managing partner Roderik van Seumeren and operational partner Natasja Sesink and talked about the business.

Strength and reach
25 June 2018 Sotiris Kanaris visits Huisman’s facility in Schiedam and learns about the company’s new offshore and land based products.

Signed, sealed, delivered
25 June 2018 Rui Pedro Faria, senior engineer, Lankhorst Ropes, explains how new certification under DNVGL-OS-E303 can give users of fibre rope slings confidence in the products.

Renting worldwide
25 June 2018 Sotiris Kanaris visits Hovago’s headquarters in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, and interviews general manager Marcel Riemslag about the bare rental model, the business and the market.

Booming business
25 June 2018 Avezaat director Bert Avezaat talks to Sotiris Kanaris about the business, the facility in Dubai and plans for the future.

Earth bound
25 June 2018 Polish crane rental company Corleonis used a Terex CTT 332-16 flat top tower crane to erect a 150m-tall cooling tower for the Bogatynia power plant in southwestern Poland, on behalf of construction company Budimex. Terex designed a system to tie the crane to the cooling tower’s slab.

May 2018


Young player
21 May 2018 The youngest manufacturer from the ones included in this series is Remdevice, which entered the market in 2003. Like its fellow radio remote control makers, the company started with a focus on the construction industry, with its first products being the patented Brick and Pail.