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August 2017


Diffuse demand for UK cranes
17 August 2017 Over recent years, the recovery in the UK lifting industry has been lead by London, with demand slower across the rest of the country. At Vertikal Days, crane dealers and users told Will North that the market is now more evenly spread across the country. However, exchange rates remain a concern for some.

Ready for the boom
17 August 2017 The boom truck crane market was negatively affected by the recent fall in oil prices, but spirits are high. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Working within tight limits
17 August 2017 Mobile cranes can now calculate real time loading for a full complement of outrigger positions,maximising capacity and improving safety. Bernadette Ballantyne reports.

Careful control
17 August 2017 HBC-radiomatic has been developing and manufacturing radio systems since 1947. Today, it produces remote controls for many of the world’s leading crane companies, with a strong focus on in-house production. Will North reports.

Porr builds Munich high rises
17 August 2017 Porr Deutschland has put four Wolff cranes to work on the Bavaria Towers project, a new high-rise complex at the gateway of the Bogenhausen district consisting of three offi ce towers and a hotel tower.

July 2017


Wolff hunts US opportunity
25 July 2017 Wolffkran has re-entered the US market; Sotiris Kanaris talks to head of international sales Duncan Salt about the company’s strategy.

Well supported
25 July 2017 Paola De Pascali talked with manufacturers of outrigger pads and crane mats about how their products, in combination with good site investigation and preparation, can help prevent crane accidents.

Towers without towers
25 July 2017 On the site of the Olympic Village in Stratford, east London, Mace is building two towers using its new Rising Factory, which offers a new way to build skyscrapers without tower cranes. Will North visited the site.

The home advantage
25 July 2017 In the second of a two-part series, Stuart Anderson, president at Chortsey Barr, looks at the role of Chinesebased traders in selling new and secondhand domestic cranes to overseas customers.

An easier commute
19 July 2017 While a proposed tightening of French regulations calling for operator lifts has been delayed, manufacturers still expect a gradual increase in demand. Bernadette Ballantyne reports

Your flexible friend
19 July 2017 Sotiris Kanaris visits SSAB’s steel plant in Oxelösund, Sweden, and looks into the development of the strong, flexible steels used in mobile and loader crane booms.

Liebherr lifts large prefabs
19 July 2017 Dragages Singapore is using two high capacity Liebherr tower cranes to lift concrete prefabricated, prefi nished, volumetric modules for two 40-storey towers. The job comes as the Singapore government mandates this technique on some areas in the city.

June 2017


A Nootable birthday
30 June 2017 At this year’s Transport Days customer event, Dutch trailer manufacturer Nooteboom showed off its new Manoovr Ballast Trailer, and celebrated its 135th anniversary

Their way or no highway
30 June 2017 Transporting heavy loads or driving a crane on US highways is challenging due to state-specific regulations. Sotiris Kanaris speaks to transporter, boom dolly and crane manufacturers about how equipment design and transportation practices are affected.

Slim slings
30 June 2017 PSC Crane and Rigging used slim high capacity synthetic slings to lower a tunnel boring machine in sub-zero conditions.

Precise extension
30 June 2017 Ametek Factory Automation has introduced a new embedded linear displacement transducer (LDT), the Gemco 958A. With shock resistance of 1000Gs and vibration tolerance of 30Gs, the transducer provides long life in extreme operating environments.

Wireless and ready
30 June 2017 LCM Systems has developed a new range of WLL wireless load links that will be offered ex-stock for customers who need load measuring equipment in a hurry.

Keep on the level
30 June 2017 The new CI55 indicator from Hirschmann MCS, when paired with the company’s gSENS WGX tilt sensor, monitors and displays inclination or tilt angle on a wide range of stationary, mobile, or marine equipment, including cranes.

Calibrated to 600t
30 June 2017 Gaylin has recently built and installed a custom 600t calibration machine at its Singapore headquarters that calibrates tension and compression load cells to its full capacity. Gaylin supplies load cells from Straightpoint.

SOLAS load pin approved for EU
30 June 2017 The UK National Measurements and Regulatory Office has granted type approval under EU automatic weighing instruments standards for Strainstall’s new CWS container weighing system.

Not a dirty word anymore
26 June 2017 A global market is beginning to develop for secondhand Chinese cranes, and for international cranes sold secondhand from China, Stuart Anderson reports.