Slim slings

30 June 2017

PSC Crane and Rigging used slim high capacity synthetic slings to lower a tunnel boring machine in sub-zero conditions.

Cortland’s Plasma synthetic rope slings were chosen for a critical lifting and lowering project in Cleveland, Ohio.

Project Clean Lake involves the extension of sewerage systems to reduce the volume of rainwater and contaminates entering Lake Erie during emergency overflows.

A 495t boring machine was lifted from an SPMT unit to a gantry lift before being lowered underground. PSC Crane and Rigging from Piqua, Ohio, was the company that lifted, transported, lowered and set the boring machine. The lifting and lowering project took a total of 10 hours to complete in sustained below freezing temperatures in downtown Cleveland.

Brooks Nunley, technical sales and key account manager at Cortland, said: “Our products are proven to perform in even the most demanding job-sites as demonstrated by this latest heavy lift.

“Our customers understand the benefits that lightweight Plasma 12x12 rope slings offer to logistics, job-site storage and safety during projects like these. The teams on-site can handle the ropes with greater ease than steel or bulky round sling alternatives. Plasma slings are truly the new standard in high performance synthetic slings.

“Typically there are two options available to complete these types of projects: wire rope slings or large round slings. Our alternative is the Plasma 12x12 braided rope sling, which is seven times lighter than the weight of a wire rope and about half the size of a round sling. It also only requires about half of the hardware width of most high performance round slings available on the market today.”