Linden Comansa designs disassembly device

21 August 2012

To dismantle two 18t 21CJ290 flat top tower cranes within cooling towers, where mobile cranes could not reach, Linden Comansa designed a new dismantling device.

BGR Energy Systems, an energy plant engineering and construction company, bought the 21CJ290 from Comansa Jie, Linden Comansa's Chinese subsidiary, to build two cooling towers.

The cooling towers have a diameter 142m and heights of 202m.

Both cranes were provided with a jib length of 74m to allow them to reach around the tower's base.

The two 21CJ290 were assembled with rope anchors attaching them to the shell wall of the cooling towers for stability, Comansa Jie said.

To build at height of 202m BGR Energy Systems has jacked-up with a hydraulic cage in different phases to reach 217m of height.

The device disassembled the jib sections at this height, first decreasing the jib to 35m, shorter than the minimum diameter of the tower, allowing enough space for 21CJ290 to jack down the tower crane with the hydraulic cage.

Two tower cranes are carrying out construction on the Kalisindh Thermal Energy "super" plant built near the villages of Nimoda, Undal, Motipura, Singharia and Devri villages in Jhalawar district, Rajasthan.

Linden Comansa says that its 21LC290 flat top design is widely used in India, with seven 21CJ290s working on energy plants across the country.

BGR Energy System has another pair of 18t 21CJ290 at a Marwa plant, while another engineering firm, Larsen & Toubro is using two units at a Rajpura plant and one at a Talwandi Sabo plant.

Rajasthan Government is building the the Kalisindh Thermal Energy Plant to increase energy production by up to 1,200 Mw.