Scotload supplies 1,000t shackle to CNOOC

6 December 2018

The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is using a 1,000t load monitoring shackle from Scotload for testing of a 600t FPSO hose lifting system.

The load monitoring shackle was supplied to CNOOC by Scotload’s distributor in China, Trusland Offshore Services Limited. The 1,000t load shackle was required urgently to perform vital testing work, but due to the limited demand for shackles of this size, lead time’s to build from scratch were in the region of 10-12 weeks. The Scotload shackle was selected as it had been built for stock, meaning it was available to ship in days rather than months and was also able to fulfil the 50% safety allowance required by the customer.

Paul Yan, general manager at Trusland Offshore Services limited, says: “Trusland Offshore Services Limited and Scotload were able to supply an uncommon size of load shackle from stock, ensuring the customer received the shackle quickly which was vital for the success of their testing. This is further evidence of the benefit of the close partnership between the two companies.”

Scotload is well equipped for challenges of this size thanks to its key partnerships with testing houses in the UK, which meant that Scotload could supply products quickly with complete calibration certification, traceable to UK national standards in a matter of days.

Josh Jones at Scotload says:“We were delighted to be able to support our key distributor with this urgent requirement. In this instance we were able to source and supply a highly specialist, heavy duty piece of equipment at very short notice. I doubt there are many companies in the sector that could have matched this turnaround.”