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Based in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam and headquartered in Nederhorst den Berg, the
Crane Company Zwagerman was founded
about 50 years ago.
Since 1995, Peter Barnhoorn and Anneke Barnhoorn
Zwagerman as a married couple took over
the management of the company, until a few years ago, when they handed over the business to
three grandchildren of founder Jacob Zwagerman,
From t
he beginning, the family has been involved in the leadership of the various departments of
the old company.
The demerger of a new division called "Zwagerman V.M.T. BV" for the rental market of crawler
cranes was a huge success. This division achieved a sig
nificant market share shortly after the
demerger, especially in the rental market of crawler cranes from 30 to 350 tons.
After the demerger the activities were not limited to only the Netherlands and today the crawler
cranes are used worldwide for various
construction projects


The primary focus of activities is, as previously mentioned, on the rental of crawler cranes, on the
basis of 24
hour service and they can be deployed with the guarantee of flexible usage.
Therefore it's possible to
deliver the required crawler cranes on site and to rapidly deploy
them for operational use, so that they can be used by the customers without any form of delay.
Our activities don't just offer you the ability to the
rent our crawler cranes, but we also offer your
business certified and experienced crane operators and technical support staff.


Besides the rental of crawler cranes, the company is also active in the trade market for crawler
cranes and
purchases and sells both new and used crawler cranes.
The sister company Zwagerman Materieel BV is active in the global trade market and has a
large range of different crane brands and models available. All cra
wler cranes meet European
safety standards and
carry the CE certificate.
At present, the company has about 80 crawler cranes in use, which can be equipped to a
specialized load out, for example, draglines, hooks, pipe laying equipment and diaphragm wall
grabs, for use with diaphragm walls, excavation,
dynamic soil compaction, handling and so on.
Some crawler cranes are equipped with a raised cabin with a range of up to 9 meters.

Crawler Crane Rental

Zwagerman VMT BV stands for Rental, Equipment and Transport, with our specialty " Rental of
Crawler Cranes".

We have build up a good market share in the field of crawler crane rental in the 40 years we have been active and during this time we have gained extensive knowledge and experience, especially in the rental segment of crawler cranes from 25 to 300 ton
s. Zwagerman VMT BV has a young, technically well -
equipped crawler cranes park


"we'll raise you high in the world"

Our formula

Our service offers flexible deployment of our crawler cranes. Our extensive and well - maintained crawler cranes park guarantees, that your project can proceed without problems or delays. By means of CAD/CAM drawings and calculations based on lifting tables, we can always offer the proper and most suitable and efficie nt c rane for your project. Our company has its own technical department and well - trained, competent and VCA certified drivers. With our extensive experience, we have built an excellent reputation in many areas for a variety of projects, both nationally and internationally

Our crawler cranes are ideally suited to use for:

* Residential Building
* Housing
* Drain Tunnel Construction
* Diaphragm wall grab activities
* Transhipment activities
* Dynamic ground compaction
* Civil engineering
* Tunneling
* Work on pontoons

Our characteristics are:

* Fast - and deliver on time
* 24-hour service
* Specialized knowledge
* Qualified employees
* In-house Technical Service Department
* Flexibility
* High-Tech equipment
* VCA certified
* CAD/CAM drawings and calculations

It is also possible for us to provide you with machines on a "bare rental" basis, which means that you rent a machine without a serving staff.


All Zwagerman crawler cranes and construction equipment are inspected annually in accordance with the EN 13000 directive, which guarantees that all Zwagerm an Crawler Cranes, Construction Equiment and Machinery meets the highest quality standards.

Additionally, there is the annual monitoring of the Aboma issuing the VCA certificate, the Safety,
Health and Environment Checklist Contractors

NEN-EN 13000:2010 + A1:2014 Cranes - Mobile cranes

ZWAGERMAN GROUP supports your projects with passion, as our slogan says: We lift your business!
For the latest up-to-date information, we suggest you call us, we are always happy to help.









Contact Details

Zwagerman Materieel B V
Middenweg 81 1394 AE Nederhorst Den Berg
Nederhorst den Berg
1394 ZG
The Netherlands
Company Tel: + 31 294 253377
Company Fax: + 31 294 252757
Company Email: info@zw-cranes.com
Company Website: www.zw-cranes.com

Key Personnel

Peter Barnhoorn/ Jack Barnhoorn
Email: info@zw-cranes.com

Company Details

Company Type: Cranes Dealer
URL: www.zw-cranes.com

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