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April 2022


Home sweet home
29 April 2022 Houses are needed everywhere. All kinds of cranes can help build them. Julian Champkin reports.

Logical progression
29 April 2022 Stuart Anderson charts Liebherr’s logical development of large crawler cranes.

Weighty Matters
29 April 2022 What used to be 'ultra-heavy' is today’s 'mid-range'; what is out of the question today might be possible next year. Gavin Kerr, global cranes director at Mammoet speaks to Julian Champkin about developments in the world of heavy lifting.

A safe haven
29 April 2022 This month’s Job of the Month goes to the relocation of a 53 tonne Newton Chambers Koehring (NCK) crane owned by UK port, ABP Ipswich. The port commissioned marine contractor Red7Marine to relocate the crane from West Bank Quay, across the River Orwell, to Cliff Quay utilising its Haven Seajack 4 jack-up barge.

March 2022


Green revolution
24 March 2022 Lifting is overwhelmingly powered by fossil-fuel diesel. How can it become sustainable? Julian Champkin finds encouraging progress towards a carbon-neutral industry.

Standing their ground
24 March 2022 Can their ability to withstand the toughest of conditions and operate on the roughest of ground secure the rough terrain's position in the crane market? Julian Champkin reports.

Walking the walk
24 March 2022 CEO Joel Dandrea, CEO of SC&RA, shares his vision for the future of the Association with Cranes Today. Mike Chalmers reports.

Building back better
24 March 2022 Chris Smith, Vice President Transportation at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, speaks to Cranes Today about the opportunities and challenges surrounding Biden’s $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill. Christian Shelton reports.

Mountain climbing
24 March 2022 A Sennebogen 613 crawler crane transports itself along a steep and narrow route to a mountaintop job site in Switzerland.

February 2022


Smooth operator
17 February 2022 Ludo Mous, director of operations at Mammoet, speaks to Cranes Today about the company’s extensive SPMT fleet. Christian Shelton reports

A changing landscape
17 February 2022 With such a long history it's no surprise that the tower crane industry has evolved over time. What might be a shock, though, is how rapidly Chinese manufacturers have now come to dominate the global tower crane market. Stuart Anderson reports.

Middle Eastern Prestige
17 February 2022 The Gulf States continue to produce oil but are diversifying. Meanwhile extraordinary prestige projects continue. Julian Champkin reports.

Lightning strikes twice
17 February 2022 Typhoon-proof Comansa 21LC660 tower cranes help connect two Philippine islands.

January 2022


Blowing in the wind
21 January 2022 Wind power is one of the most important renewable energy sources available to us. Wind farms, offshore wind farms in particular, are growing; but their size and location set special lifting challenges. Julian Champkin reports.

21 January 2022 In light of the recent UN climate change conference, Cranes Today contributor Stuart Anderson looks at the historical relationship between cranes and energy production as a backdrop to the current situation in China, India, and SE Asia.

All-terrains, the last and the first
21 January 2022 Models and brand-names come; models and brand-names go... but all-terrains continue. Julian Champkin says hail and farewell.

Wind work for first LTM 1650-8.1 in Spain
21 January 2022 Grúas Ibarrondo carries out tandem lift at wind farm using two Liebherr cranes.

December 2021


All under control
28 December 2021 Crane control systems are changing – and changing much faster than the cranes they control. Julian Champkin reports.

On solid ground
28 December 2021 Claire Bélanger-Parker, executive director of the Crane Rental Association of Canada, provides an overview of the not-for-profit organisation, outlining its growth and some of the issues it is currently engaging with.

Rise and Shine
28 December 2021 A dramatic growth in demand shows that the world is, at last, waking-up to the tele crawler, says Cranes Today contributor Stuart Anderson.