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Blowing in the wind
21 January, 2022
Wind power is one of the most important renewable energy sources available to us. Wind farms, offshore wind farms in particular, are growing; but their size and location set special lifting challenges. Julian Champkin reports.

21 January, 2022
In light of the recent UN climate change conference, Cranes Today contributor Stuart Anderson looks at the historical relationship between cranes and energy production as a backdrop to the current situation in China, India, and SE Asia.

All-terrains, the last and the first
21 January, 2022
Models and brand-names come; models and brand-names go... but all-terrains continue. Julian Champkin says hail and farewell.

Rise and Shine
28 December, 2021
A dramatic growth in demand shows that the world is, at last, waking-up to the tele crawler, says Cranes Today contributor Stuart Anderson.

Tough and ready
29 November, 2021
Rough terrain cranes are at work on thousands of jobsites. The reason is simple: they can do the lift tasks that most jobsites present. Julian Champkin reports.

Marr Contracting opens London office
08 November, 2021
London office to provide a base for Marr’s UK and international business development, project delivery, and operations.

Manitowoc appoints G Machinery as new Grove distributor in Japan
01 November, 2021
G Machinery sells two all terrains shortly after appointment

Dragon Dynasty?
28 October, 2021
With the stated aim of increased international expansion what stands in the way of Chinese manufacturers gaining market share in traditional, established tower crane markets? Christian Shelton reports

OZ Lifting Joins WSTDA
18 October, 2021
OZ Lifting Products LLC has joined the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA), a technical organization dedicated to the safe operation of all synthetic web slings and tie downs.

Pintsch Bubenzer Appoints New Mining Sales Specialist
14 October, 2021
Pintsch Bubenzer, a manufacturer of high performance disc and drum brakes for severe duty applications, has named Daiel Hoffmans, global sales director mining. Hoffmans will be based at headquarters in Germany but will lead a global team, as the company looks to further raise its profile in the Americas and other mining hotbeds around the world.

Modern Machinery appointed Terex Cranes distributor
07 October, 2021
Distributor appointment enables Russian equipment supplier to diversify lifting equipment supply in the east of Russia

Liebherr fights global warming
06 August, 2021
Liebherr champions use of HVO fuel on multiple fronts

India the Chinese Charge
05 August, 2021
India’s lifting industry is changing from its accident-ridden past. Stuart Anderson, president of Chorley Barr Associates, sees China leading growth, the used-crane market on the wane, and welcomes the decline of the tractor crane.

Down to zero
27 July, 2021
Battery-powered cranes have existed for decades, but the first emission free crawler cranes were only launched less than a year ago. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

Manitowoc to increase Potain sales in China
22 July, 2021
Manitowoc is experiencing high demand for Potain tower cranes in China and is on track to sell significantly more units this year than in 2020.

Different places, different cranes
17 June, 2021
The knuckleboom crane is a standard product, the same around the world. Or is it? Julian Champkin finds local habits die hard, and the knuckleboom has many regional forms and favourites.

Power boost
17 June, 2021
The significant increase in the size of offshore wind turbines is creating demand for ring cranes. Sotiris Kanaris reports.

A Challenging Market
20 May, 2021
Julian Champkin speaks to heavy lifting and special transport companies about the demand from the onshore oil and gas industry over the past year, the future market as well as the challenges associated with serving this sector.

Who's on the right track?
21 April, 2021
Stuart Anderson, president of Chortsey Barr Associates, looks into the increased popularity of crawler-mounting and more specifically of telecrawlers. He also makes a comparison between telecrawlers and rough terrains in regards to market demand and day-to-day lifting work.

Liebherr’s annual turnover exceeds €10bn
20 April, 2021
The Liebherr Group achieved a turnover of €10.34bn in 2020, down €1.41bn (12%) compared to the previous year.