Turn of events

7 October 2020

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The pandemic has definitely altered the way that people interact on a professional level. The shaking of hands and the exchange of business cards may be deemed risky under these strange circumstances.

Online communication for business purposes has been on the rise for years, with a number of platforms offering people simple and cheap (even free) ways to get in touch with customers and colleagues from wherever they are based. The ability to use video and have a conference call with dozens of people revolutionised online communications, creating a feeling of proximity.

The pandemic has significantly increased the popularity of these platforms, as many company employees have been working remotely. This trend can be easily demonstrated by the surge of earnings and profits of the video-chat service Zoom in the first and second quarters of the year.

Even the role of social media platforms, primarily LinkedIn, for business networking has increased over the years. The ease of approaching and interacting with people online has made social media an important tool for sales personnel.

Industry events have always been a great avenue for networking. Potential customers visited the manufacturers' booths, learned about the latest products and interacted with the representatives.

This year a number of physical events have been cancelled because of Covid-19. There is a level of uncertainty as to whether the events organised for the near future will take place, as it will all depend on the evolution of the pandemic. Events are important for the industry, so virtual ones will have to fill the gap.

I think that even when the pandemic is over, there will still be a place for virtual events because of the cost-benefits for both exhibitors and attendees.

Believing in the potential of such events, our parent company has invested in a relevant platform. I am excited to announce that our inaugural event will be held on the 11th of February 2021.

The Cranes Today Tower Crane Virtual Conference will comprise presentations on a wide range of topics the market is currently discussing, with a global rather than a regional approach.

Attendees will be able to ask questions to speakers in real-time.

Alongside the virtual auditorium, there will be an exhibition hall. At this space, attendees will have the chance to visit sponsor booths, accessing any material presented and being able to interact in real-time with the representatives of each company exhibiting.

The dedicated Network Area will give the opportunity to industry professionals to interact with each other and engage in group discussions.

Despite the advanced technology of this platform, it is very simple to use. In the upcoming months, we will communicate more information about the event. Save the date!

Sotiris Kanaris, Editor