A load of loaders

19 March 2019

Sotiris Kanaris finds that truck mounted crane manufacturers have prepared an exciting show for Bauma attendees, as they will be unveiling numerous new machines in Munich.

German manufacturer Atlas will celebrate its 100th anniversary at Bauma, by showing its latest innovations.

The Atlas 66.3 E loading crane will be on display, which was especially designed for the4 7.5t loading truck (LKW). The telescoping-boom crane has a size class of 62kNm, with up to four extensions, hyper-telescopic articulated arm and a maximum range of 11m with a payload of 360kg. At a range of 1.74m, the crane can carry 2.83t.

The 96.3 E, suitable for the 12-15t loading truck, will also be exhibited. Visitors will also have a closer look at the 172.3E, which has been expanded to include the A5 and A6 option; with a support width of up to 7.4m, it is also suitable for lighter vehicles. Another E-series representative at the show will be the 206.3E. For this 203kNm class crane, the maximum range is about 20.24m with a payload of 400kg. With a support width of up to 7.4m, this crane is stable even on lighter vehicles.

Atlas will also showcase the new versions of the 256.3 and 226.3 models, which have received complete revision and a new design.

Austrian manufacturer Palfinger chose Bauma for the world premiere of the PCC 57.002 crawler crane. Following the launch of the PCC 115.002 at the IAA in Hanover, Palfinger will unveil the PCC 57.002, a smaller, even more manoeuvrable version of its crawler crane. The system can be dismantled into its constituent modules for transport, and allows its modules to be combined in different ways during operation.

This year Palfinger will introduce to the market ten new TEC models in the 25–37tm class, which offer all the equipment features of a Palfinger heavy-duty crane. Some of the cranes in display will be the PK 37.002 TEC 7, PK 35.002 TEC 5, PK 30.002 TEC 7 and PK 26.002 TEC 3. The first ever TEC crane in the 50–60tm class will also be unveiled at Bauma.

Other new models at Bauma will include the PK 24.001 SLD 6 and PK 21.501 SLD 3 from the SOLID range. In the heavy-duty crane segment, Palfinger will be showcasing the PK 135.002 TEC 7.

The Austrian manufacturer will also be presenting its latest developments in the field of digitalisation and service: the Palfinger Connected telematics solutions for optimising crane capacity utilisation (Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor), control and assistance systems, and augmented reality support with Smart Eye.

Another new technology showcased by Palfinger at Bauma is the Smart Boom Control, a new boom tip controller for loader cranes.

Loader crane manufacturer Hiab will be sharing a stand with its subsidiary Effer. Hiab will present FrameWorks, the pre-manufactured, fully bolted system with subframe solution to install the heavy range Hiab loader cranes. It is a modular system that minimizes design work and, according to Hiab, reduces installation time by 75%. The company will also launch BodyWorks, a new Framework product, at the fair.

In its portfolio, Hiab has a lightcapacity loader crane range (up to 12tm), medium-capacity loader crane range (12-30tm) and heavy-capacity loader crane range (over 30tm).

Visitors will be able to get up close to the Hiab X-HiPro 658 crane from the manufacturer’s heavy-capacity loader crane range. Designed to be fast, smooth and safe, this crane has a capacity of 59tm and horizontal outreach of up to 17m.

Italian knuckleboom crane manufacturer Effer will present the new 2255, which features a new hydraulic boom lengthening system, KJ, and new second jib, branded 2nd JIB. KJ allows users to change the crane configuration from 8 boom extensions to 10 boom extensions for a vertical outreach of almost 35m. The 2nd JIB is an option which allows you to work at outstanding heights, shifting the articulation point to 49m. It has CE certification in accordance with the current regulations.

The stabilisers extension exceeds 11m, and the chassis stiffness ensures a rigid and stable vehicle.

The base is specifically designed to be compact and to fit four and five axle chassis with different paces.

Effer will also be launching units for its light range, in the 5tm to 10tm lifting categories. Visitor’s at the manufacturer’s stand will also be able to learn about new features such as Remote Assistance Control Effer (RACE), a new connectivity system for Effer cranes, developed thanks to Progress 2.0 electronics.

Fassi will showcase two new medium-class crane models, the first in the 30tm lifting category and the second in the 35tm lifting category. Both belong to the XE-dynamic series and will be equipped with continuous rotation on a slew ring.

There are versions from two to eight extensions available and all the combinations with jib as per the Fassi models in the same category.

The electro-hydraulic equipment is also particularly comprehensive and includes the ADC (Automatic Dynamic Control), D850 digital hydraulic distributor, FX500 control unit, RCH / RCS standard radio remote control unit (V7RRC optional), FSC (Fassi Stability Control), CPM (Crane Position Monitoring), FS (Flow Sharing), XF (Extra Fast), MPES (Multi Power Extension System), XP (Extra Power) and Prolink (Progressive Link). Compared to previous models, Fassi says there is an improvement on the weight/power ratio and the tare, benefitting the versatility for cranes in this category. Representatives of the manufacturer will also be able to give more information on new innovations such as FX-Link, a system developed with the aim of optimising connectivity between the crane and truck.

Hyva, which celebrates 40 years in business, will present its new heavy duty HC661 crane. The 60tm and 66tm cranes feature endless rotation, double link, new stabiliser rotation system, radio control and optional jib. Hyva introduces two brand new innovations on the crane: an Auto Stabilising System and the Active Awareness Radio (AAR), which gives vibration feedback from the transmitter into the radio levers.

In addition, it will display all new models from its mid-range (9-25tm class) of the New Crane Line. This line features the latest generation of innovations: the Dynamic Load Diagram, which provides advance verification of crane lifting capacity based on truck stability; the Magic Touch, which allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions; new control station, which has integral crane and stabiliser controls, an ergonomic working position, and a user-friendly interface. Also on display will be the new HA14, alongside the HA21 and HA27 telescopic cranes with compact dimensions and reduced weight.

The new Kennis e-Power Rolloader crane will also be shown, featuring an electric powertrain, rather than conventional diesel powertrain.

PM expands its small crane range with the introduction of new models from 8 to 12 tons/meter. At Bauma will be the debut of the PM 51.5 crane from the Heavy range. Visitors will also learn about the two new radio control systems: G2B, with 128×64 pixel backlit black and white display, and BMS-HL with a 2.8in colour display.

Atlas will celebrate its 100th anniversary at Bauma, the 206.3E will be one of the models exhibited.
In the heavy-duty crane segment, Palfinger will be showcasing the PK 135.002 TEC 7.
Effer will present the new 2255
Fassi will exhibit new cranes and showcase new technologies.
Hyva will celebrate 40 years in business with numerous cranes on display