An electrifying launch

22 May 2019

“Hoeflon is ready for the future,” the manufacturer said when it presented the C30e fully lithium-powered pick and carry spider crane.

The C30e has a maximum capacity of 8t, Hoeflon’s highest, while its pick and carry capacity is 2t.

Without the jib it can reach 21.5m hoisting height and 12.2m boom outreach, whereas with jib it can reach 22.9m and 20m respectively. The C30e features a stepless outrigger system.

It has a total weight of 9,000kg, and 2,350kg of extendable and removable ballast. It is 1.17m wide and 2m high, so it can fit through a double door.

“Due to the low centre of gravity of the crane and its extendable tracks, the crane is capable to drive through rough terrain and up and down hills,” said Hoeflon.

The crane can be plugged into standard domestic power, threephase industrial power, or car charging ports. It can be charged in six hours and can provide up to eight hours of hoisting with 60% operating time, or five hours of continous operation.

Export manager at Hoeflon David Fokker said the reason behind the development of this machine was customer demand for higher capacities.

He said this crane could be used not only for industrial applications, but also for construction.

“It is very good for renovation projects and we see a big demand from older cities in Italy or Spain, where there are narrow spaces that even telescopic cranes cannot reach.”

Fokker added that the C30e starts a new generation of Hoeflon cranes, as there are plans for fully electric C6 and C10 models. 

Hoeflon's C30e fully lithium powered crane