Asia Project round up

16 January 2014

This month we review projects from India,Singapore and China.

Adani, India
Boxco Logistics used two 28 axle-lines of Scheuerle-Kamag K25 SPEs to transport an 880t splitter column to Mumbai's Adani port. The 91m column, built for a refinery in Mexico, was the longest ever transported in and out of the Indian port.

Along with the splitter Boxco also transported a 380t quench water tower, a 250t demethaniser and their accessories. Scheuerle-Kamag said that due to the splitter's size transportation to Adani port was a challenge. Road widening and the removal of obstacles such as dividers and light poles were necessary before the column could moved. Electrical line shutdowns also had to be arranged with the local electricity boards.

Once the route had been prepared the transportation was carried out using the Scheuerle-Kamag K25 self-propelled modular transporters. The Boxco team had to deal with turning restrictions such as dividers, road ends and conveyor belts. The transportation of the three pieces of equipment was carried out over four days. At the port the entrance had to be raised in order to move the convoys into its premises. On-site transportation was a challenge due to the port's narrow passages.

Pune, India
Indian construction company S. J. Contracts used three Potain tower cranes to build nine residential towers at the Amanora Future Towers project in Pune, India.

Assembled at the site in September 2012 the cranes have predominantly lifted rebar and poured concrete, but have as been used to lift general construction materials.

Each crane is responsible for three buildings and has been positioned strategically to provide complete coverage of job site, as well as being rigged with full 50m jibs. Two of the cranes are internal climbing units while the third is mounted externally. The operating heights are currently 50m, but will eventually reach 110m.

A Sennebogen 683 HD telescopic crawler crane has been used as part of a canal system expansion project in Singapore.

Local firm Koh Brothers Building & Civil Engineering was hired to enlarge the wastewater canals and confluence so up to 30% more rainwater could flow off in a controlled manner. The company used the Sennebogen 683 HD to install sheet piles for the canal extension. A PTC 30 HFV vibrator hammer was attached to the crane to drive 1m sheet piles to a depth of 15m into the ground.

Sennebogen said that the telescopic crawler crane's running gear meant that the 683 HD was both stable and could be moved quickly.

Xiamen, China
More than 300 Potain cranes are working in Xiamen, China, says Manitowoc. The average building height in Xiamen is more than 200m

The most commonly used Potain crane in Xiamen is the 6t capacity MC 120. Manitowoc estimates that approximately 270 MC 120s are at work in the city.

Manitowoc said that all of the cranes perform general lifting duties at jobsites around the city. They lift concrete, rebar, formwork, glass and any other material required to complete the cities numerous projects.

Among the projects using Potain tower cranes in Xiamen is the AVIC Zijin Building. The 265m structure is the tallest building currently under construction on the city. Singapore

Access System Technology supplied tower cranes for the South Beach project in Singapore. Four 18t Fushun Yongmao STL230-18t units were used on the development which will comprise 644,871 sq ft of office space, 60,924 sq ft of retail space, 701 hotel rooms and 180 residential apartments.

Noida, India Leighton Welspun Contractors has used three MC 125 Potain tower cranes to build the Wave One commercial development Manitowoc said the project is typical of the work that Leighton Welspun's Potain cranes perform: a high-rise development in the heart of a city.

The MC 125s pour concrete and lift general construction materials to build two 41-storey towers at the project. The MC 125s are external climbing units currently erected at heights of 68m, 74m and 80m. All the cranes will reach a final working height of approximately 140m. Two are configured with 45m jibs and one with a 50m jib, to cover the 230,000 sq m job site.

The Potain MC 125 has a maximum jib length of 60m, at which it can lift 1.15 t. The crane uses Potain's pin-connected mast sections for easy erection.

Noida, India
Pune, India
Xiamen, China
Adani, India