Big crawler cranes at Bauma China

14 January 2009

Four Chinese manufacturers launched new crawler cranes with lifting capacities greater than 250t. The show’s largest crane was the 1,000t Sany SCC 10000. There was a 650t crawler from XCMG, a 500-tonner from FUWA (previously known as Fushun), 320t crawler from Foton Lovol, 280t crawler from Sany and a 260t crawler from Zoomlion.

Sany showed a prototype of the 1,000t SCC 10000. Testing will be finished in three months. The crane’s maximum main boom is 120m long, and its maximum system length with jib is 96m + 96m. The crane has a 597kW Euro?I-compliant engine (at 2,100rpm). The crane was shown with 160t counterweight, plus 300t in a hanging superlift tray.

The XCMG QUY 650 has a maximum heavy boom length of 84m, long boom length of 130m, maximum luffing boom/luffing jib configuration of 96m+96m. The crane’s superlift comes with counterweight tray. With 650t hook block and 24m heavy boom, the base machine weighs 490t. The crane is powered by a 494kW engine. It was shown with 255t counterweight, plus 170t in a half-fulled hanging superlift tray.

The prototype of Foton Lovol’s largest crane was on its stand. Testing is expected to be finished by April 2009. The crane can lift 320t, or 360t with an extra 50t of counterweight. Main boom length is up to 78m, or 90m with superlift. Maximum main boom is 78m; maximum luffing fly jib system length is 72m+72m. Counterweight is 140t on the rear and 30t of carbody. It is powered by a 312kW (at 2,100rpm) Volvo TWD1240VE.

FUWA Heavy Industry has sold the prototype QUY500 crawler crane at the show to Baogong Group. Main boom length is 84m, or 108m with light boom. With 250t of superlift counterweight at 16m radius it can lift full load. Without superlift, it can lift a maximum of 400t at 7m radius with 72m boom. It weighs 382t with 24m boom. Maximum boom + luffing jib length is 72m+72m. The crane is powered by a Cummins QSX15 that produces 336kW on 2,100rpm. It was shown with 200t of counterweight. The company promises to produce a 1,000-tonner in 2009.

Sany is also showing a new 280t crane for wind power turbines up to 1.5MW in scale, the SCC 2800 WE, shown with 24t counterweight and 20t in a superlift tray. Testing finishes in two or three months.

XCMG 650-tonner XCMG 650-tonner
FUWA's 500-tonner FUWA's 500-tonner