21 May 2018

The passion of brothers Evio and Angelo Cadorin for telecommunications equipment lead to the creation of IMET in 1988. The first products were initially designed for construction operations and concrete processing. In the years that followed, the company enhanced its staff and created products that met the needs of customers across a range of sectors.

The new transmitters WAVE2, ARES2, KRON, ZEUS2, THOR2, G4 and MODIN and receivers S, L, H, M AC are the result of the experience gained over years and the combination of high-level technical skills.

All models present important features, including the STOP circuit, newly designed boxes made with high-resistance material and rechargeable NiMH batteries—apart from WAVE2 which is powered by Li-ion batteries.

All new radio remote controls can memorize each event that has caused a breakdown or a crash, as well as the its actual working hours. A dedicated diagnostics tool allows you to set and check the main operating parameters and to view the list of the most signifi cant events that have occurred, by simply interfacing it to a PC and to the remote control.

All models are equipped with adaptive frequency agility technology. The radio remote control continuously searches and selects the less impeded channel among the available ones. “With this technology manual frequencies changes are not required any more,” said the company.

Another new feature is the programmable PIN code, which allows you to set a start pin code, so that the device can only be used by authorised personnel.

IMET has introduced the new M880 series, with some of the products in the range used for tower crane and hydraulic crane applications. With the new M880 series, the receiver range has been extended with the introduction of the S receiver. This receiver is sold in a DC version, designed big, and built without skimping, for the “mobile” sector.

Designed to be powered in 11–30Vdc nominal, it offers the capacity to work even in the presence of strong battery voltage drops, which affect mobile machines during the cold season. It has a wide availability of outputs: CAN/CANopen, up to 14 MOSFET outputs and up to four analog outputs.

The M880 WAVE2 S pushbutton transmitter is one of the products offered by the manufacturer for tower crane applications. Unlike the previous model, the new pushbutton WAVE2 S can be equipped with a graphical display. For hydraulic crane applications a new product is the M880 KRON waist belt transmitter, designed for truck cranes with four to five functions.

The company’s product portfolio also includes standard equipment, for applications, such as concrete mixers, concrete pumps, travelling cranes and hydraulic pumps.

In addition to the standards models designed for the most traditional applications, the company places specialised technicians in charge of customising radio remote controls according to specific customer requirements.

IMET devices are designed and assembled in-house at its facility in Sacile, a town in the province of Pordenone. The devices undergo a number of intermediate and fi nal tests to ensure their maximum reliability. The company obtained the UNI EN ISO9001 Quality Management certifi cation in 1998.

IMET’s sale network covers 30 countries around the world. “In the future IMET will continue to be fl exible and to respond to new technology challenges and customer needs with products that can go along and adapt themselves quickly. At the same time, IMET will keep its customer oriented attitude, which has been the main company driver and the reason of success,” said the manufacturer.

IMET’s M880 series
The M880 WAVE2 L