Climb every mountain

28 December 2017

Felbermayr took three nine-axle, 750t Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 all terrains 1,700m up into the Alps, for a wind farm installation.

The job was to erect 13 wind turbines in the Weinebene pass into Slovenia. The 180t GVW cranes were well suited to the challenge of accessing the site, travelling through gradients of 20% and tight bends on the mountain roads. “Each crane took around one hour for the seven kilometre journey up to the site”, says Günter Wimmer from Felbermayr’s Project Department.

The roads were a challenge too in terms of transporting the 10t, 40m, turbine blades. For this task, Felbermayr used its Scheuerle Bladelifter, mounted on an eightaxle transporter with front and rear tractor units.

The three LTM 1750-9.1 mobile cranes were equipped with telescopic extensions, luffi ng lattice jibs and Y-guying for erecting the wind turbines.

At 69t, the generators were the heaviest gross loads for the mobile cranes. They were installed at a height of 80m with the cranes working at a radius of around 24m.