Completely hooked

16 November 2012

Dutch manufacturer Ropeblock built one of the world's largest hooks, for Sarens' giant SGC- 120 ringer crane. Commercial manager Wim Fabricius explains that the company aims to meet the needs of all users.

Ropeblock products have found their way to many different applications.

The company was established in 1993, and has grown into a quality name in the lifting and wire rope industry ever since. Its focus and core business has come from a solid engineering background, providing the basis for high quality and safe components that can meet all important standards and safety regulations. Products include hook blocks, swivels, sheaves and sockets.

With the world's largest crane block ever built for a land based, winch operated crane amongst one of its many achievements, there is virtually no project that Ropeblock will not consider. The scope of hook blocks, is not limited to very large capacities only; due to an efficient operation and high level of standardization, Ropeblock handles many of cranebuilders' low- to mid-size capacity crane blocks.

Ropeblock also designs, manufactures and supplies of special swivels, suitable for low temperature and extreme water depth. With a proven track-record of products capable of doing lifting jobs at water depths below 3,500m, many companies active in the offshore and oil and gas industries have chosen Ropeblock as their preferred supplier for their most demanding lifting jobs.

Next to these "special" products, the standard line of crane blocks, known as fast reeve blocks and standard reeve blocks, consists of well-engineered components. The sheaves are made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, which self-lubricates the groove, significantly reducing wire rope wear compared to conventionally forged sheaves. An easy access, non-galling hook nut thread, makes inspection and bearing replacement a simple job.

Although Ropeblock is not a supplier or manufacturer of wire rope, it has always been in the DNA of the company. All products are in contact with, or are used together with, wire rope. Ropeblock is one of the main brands of wire rope terminations. Sockets come in many shapes and sizes and have many applications, including mooring, lifting, and bridge construction.

One of the more recent developments is the introduction of a new type of socket, specifically intended to make reeving of a crane and crane block more efficient. The Super-reeve Connector Socket (SCS) incorporates a unique, patent pending design of the spelter connector and is compliant with the applicable norm EN 13411-4. It may be used to terminate both high performance and general-purpose wire rope. The Super-reeve Connectors have a 100% efficiency rating and have found their way to many crane manufacturers and rental companies already. They are a true testament to Ropeblock's focus on its core values: To advise in, engineer, manufacture and market reliable and high quality components for the global lifting and wire rope industry.

Ropeblock makes offshore hooks from 50–500t
The giant hook built by Ropeblock, for the Sarens SGC-120
Ropeblock’s SCS sockets