Dolomite dam

16 November 2015

Saez’s Italian dealer supplied a new TLS 70 12t flat top tower crane for work on the Vodo di Cadore dam.

The dam is one of a series on the Boite river valley in the Veneto region, about 100km north of Venice in the Dolomites, or Italian Alps. Over recent years, Italian electricity company ENEL has been upgrading and building new hydroelectric power plants along the river, using small turbines to capture power to supply local towns.

On this project, Saez's dealer for northern Italy, Edilgema supplied a new TLS 70 12t for rehabilitation work on the Vodo di Cadore dam, built in 1960.

Edilgema said that one of the key challenges of the job was setting up the 12t crane in the restricted space of the Boite valley. The mobile crane used for erecting the tower crane, on hire from Santoni Autogru in Trento, needed to be brought to the set up site along unmade forested roads, across the river from the main road.

Bringing the tower crane components to the site was, Edilgema says, "Anything but easy." The crane will be on site for six-to-eight months.