Fushun Excavator Corp-Bauma China 2008

12 September 2008

On show is the largest-ever crane from the northeastern Chinese manufacturer, the 500t QUY500 hydraulic crawler crane. Also on show is the CMD-850 crawler for diaphragm wall construction.

Fushun Excavator Corporation Ltd. manufactured the first QUY50 (50T) hydraulic crawler crane in 1984. Since then, the product range has grown to 16 models in 12 tonnage grades from 35t-500t. Now our corporation has been one of the largest professional hydraulic crawler crane manufacturers in China. Sales have increased with the widening range of products. Crawler crane export at the end of July has doubled compared with the same period last year. The total export value has reached approximately USD 100m. Product manufacturing technology has also developed over these years. The company has increased its R&D expenditure, employed adminstration and technology experts and upgraded manufacturing.

Fushun Excavator Corp's QUY 250 Fushun Excavator Corp's QUY 250