13 January 2014

Liebherr will display more than 20 machines at ConExpo. The German manufacturer says its stand will include two tower cranes, as well as six all terrain and crawler cranes. The company will also present various mechanical, hydraulic and electronic drive systems components.

Mobile cranes
The 300t LTM 1300-6.2, which features Liebherr's single-engine drive concept. The LTM 1300-6.2 allterrain crane is the successor to the LTM 1250-6.1. Its telescopic boom has been extended by 6m to 78m and its load capacity has also been increased.

A new concept for the superstructure drive unit has been used on the new LTM 1300-6.2. Instead of the twin-engine concept normally used on cranes in this class, the 300t mobile crane is powered by a single engine with a mechanical shaft. The manufactuer says that this mechanical shaft ensures particularly high efficiency and improves fuel economy.

From the crawler crane range, Liebherr will bring the 1,200USt class LR 11000, introduced in 2012. This crane supplements the Liebherr range of crawler cranes between the LR 1750 and LR 11350.

The new cranes very high load capacities will be available with Liebherr's PowerBoom parallel boom system. It has been designed for optimised transport dimensions and weights. A variety of boom versions are available including derrick systems and special wind power equipment.

At the other end of the crawler range, the 250t LR 1250 offers, Liebherr says, outstanding lifting capacities within a 3m transport width. Possible applications for the crane range from common lifting and assembly tasks to clamshell applications.

The crane is fitted with two crane winches, each featuring a 12t line pull and high rope speeds . As an option, the LR 1250 can be equipped with 12t free-fall winches. The LR 1250 can be transported completely mounted, including boom and counterweight. This is possible through retraction of the track width to 5.8m. This "taxicrane" feature is especially beneficial for short-term work on jobsites, says Liebherr.

Tower cranes
Liebherr's tower division will be represented by two models. The 380 EC-B flat-top crane Litronic flat-top crane provides a maximum radius of 246ft and can lift up to 7,496lb at the end of the jib. Liebherr says visually striking appearance of the 380 EC-B is marked in particular by the crane superstructure, with its the four-chord counter-jib. The entire superstructure can be loaded onto five trucks.

Liebherr says it paid particular attention to the crane's dimensions, ensuring each individual part met the requirements of container transport, for easy loading onto ships. The whole EC-B head, including the IC slewing ring support and the 246 ft jib, can be accommodated in standard 40-foot containers.

The other tower crane on show will be the 542 HC-L 18/36 Litronic luffing jib crane. This has a maximum load capacity of 79,366lb (36,000kg). Liebherr says that the luffing gear on this crane can be optimised depending on lifting capacity, so that shorter adjusting times are possible.

The entry-level model 542 HC-L 18/36 Litronic includes a 110 kW FC hoist unit, a 110 kW FC luffing gear unit with secondary brake, as well as two 11 kW FC slewing gear units as standard equipment for load handling.

Liebherr said that the crane was designed as a simple folding jib crane, and claims it as the smallest luffing jib crane on the market. The firm says it provides crane operators with a low cost entry point into the luffing jib crane class. Using the 542 HC-L's Litronic system's programmable logic controller (PLC), the load can be moved at the touch of a button in a level luffing movement, for the same operator experience and movement as a trolley jib top-slewing crane.

Another element of the Litronic system is the Micromove concept. This system permits positioning of the load without the hoist gear brake engaging.