12 April 2013

For Bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany, Manitowoc Cranes is unveiling two new Grove rough-terrain cranes, the 45t RT550E and 65t RT770E, and a GMK3060 all terrain. A new industrial crane and one of the first delivery-ready GMK6400 models will also be on the stand. From the Manitowoc brand there is a new crawler crane, while Potain will show several products and introduce a new hoist.

Chris Bratthauar, director of global marketing says, "The RT770E is a new longer boom, higher capacity big brother to the RT765E-2. The RT550E is our new rough terrain crane developed primarily for the EU market, built at our factory in Niella Tanaro, Italy. It has 2.55m width to meet CE transportation laws."

"The 550E uses the new Manitowoc crane control system with several new features."

The RT550E, marketed as a crane with the latest technology for construction and installation work, meeting current European standards for worldwide buyers, is one of eight new cranes that will be at Bauma. Its new crane control system will ultimately be rolled out on all new Manitowoc, Potain and Grove cranes. The hardware is made up of standard parts that will make maintenance easier and improve fleet management for Manitowoc customers.

The control system on the RT550E includes a boom optimisation feature that enables the user to quickly configure boom length to suit specific loads and radii. It removes the need for lengthy lift set-up procedures.

In addition to the new control system, the 45t capacity RT550E offers the highest capacity and the longest boom in its class at 39m.
The five-section boom can telescope partial loads from between any two-boom positions. Fitted with an 8m-fixed swingaway boom attachment, it can extend its reach to 47m. The hoist offers higher single line pull and increased speed, with line pull speeds up to 70% higher than other cranes in this class.

Manitowoc's other new rough terrain crane is the RT770E. It features a lengthy 42m, five-section, full-power main boom on a compact 8m x 3.33m chassis, complying with road regulations while meeting capacity needs.

The company designed the five-section boom to enable a long reach without being in a bigger 70-80t crane class where cranes are heavier on the road and take up more space on the job site.

The RT770E has applications for customers in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Manitowoc sales directors say that in some of these markets, users have expressed a desire for a rough-terrain crane in the 65t class that has a longer boom.

Features of the RT770E include a Cummins 6.7L engine, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Optional is a 10.1m to 17.1m bi-fold swingaway to extend working radius out to 44m. Assembly of inserts for long length can be accomplished without an assist crane using single cylinder technology.

The company will launch its Grove GMK3060 all terrain on three axles as a larger-capacity upgrade to the GMK3055. The use of an added 2t counterweight can improve the whole load chart. With its 43m boom and three-axle carrier, and new cab, the crane is fully capable of general lifting and contractor duties in tight locations and at busy job sites.

The all terrain on display will feature the new boom optimisation feature, which operates through the new Manitowoc Crane Control System.

The largest mobile crane on the Manitowoc booth, the Grove GMK6400 all terrain crane, is one of the first production versions.

Manitowoc says its all terrain has the best load chart in its class as a six-axle mobile crane, a new drive system for the carrier never seen in this size category, and a unique self-rigging capacity enhancement, Mega Wing Lift attachment.

Features of the Grove GMK6400 include a wider carrier cab, a single engine driving both the carrier and powering the superstructure to reduce overall weight and improved fuel economy.

Manitowoc will also launch a new industrial crane, the Grove YardBoss YB5520, ideally suited for work in industrial plants. Manitowoc says as it has redesigned the YardBoss YB5520 from the ground up, the new crane marks a new generation of Grove industrial cranes. Its 18t capacity and 16.6m four-section full power boom has a higher capacity and longer boom than other cranes in its class. Where previous YardBoss cranes were best-suited to operate on improved surfaces, the YB5520 will also be able to drive on unimproved, semi-rough terrains, such as gravel and dirt.

It will replace the older 16t YB5518, while adding new technology and design features. The crane is also the first to be fully CE-certified in line with the latest European EN 13000 regulations.

New for Grove's industrial cranes, the company is offering a choice between two jib options: a 4.6m boom extension, and an adjustable 4.6-7.6m swingaway boom extension.

The crane has a 4.6m by 2.4m footprint, measuring 2.5m tall, making it suited for cramped spaces. Also its crab steering with self-alignment and pivoting boom nose, adjustable to five positions from -30-80°, make it ideal for cramped work.

Other features include a two-speed hoist that enables operators to raise the hook either rapidly or slowly, a 3.3l Euromot 3B Cummins diesel engine and ITL power shift transmission. It operates in two-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering mode.

The YB5520 has an all-cast, solid counterweight, which lowers the crane's profile, and post-compensated, load-sending hydraulics, which make raising the boom, lifting, swinging and other functions smoother.

This is accomplished through the use of a single piston pump, rather than the four-gear pump arrangement found on older models, Manitowoc said.

The company has designed the YB5520 with a new hydraulic system that allows stronger, smoother crane operation and easier maintenance. Updated safety features include headlights, brake lights and work lights, and an outrigger monitoring system.

The new crawler crane on the booth is the US-built Manitowoc MLC 165 with a 165t capacity and designed for general contractor activity as well as pile driving, moderate clamshell or grapple work. Moving and assembling the crane was a major focus for Manitowoc and all component widths are 3m or less. Maximum main boom length is 84m and maximum combination with luffing jib is 51m of main plus 51.8m of jib for a total of 102.8m. The crane will be offered with a choice of either Tier III or Tier IV engine, depending where customers are located.

From Potain there will be a new MD 610 crane, the largest in its MD top-slewing line, available with either a 40t or 25t capacity. The cab and counterjib of the crane will be mounted at ground level to give visitors a rare opportunity to inspect the crane up close. Mounted at the rear of the crane is a new hoist, the 270 LVF 100, which is the largest frequency-controlled winch the company has ever produced. The 200kW winch can lifts loads of up to 40t in four falls of reeving.

Other Potain cranes on the booth include the MDT 248 topless crane, a hugely popular model in Germany according to the company. From the self-erecting crane lineup there will be the very popular Igo 36 and the Igo T 85 A.