Maximum performance

22 February 2017

Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville will present its trailer range – designed specifically for the North American market – at ConExpo stand G1326.

Faymonville’s four-axle dual lane trailer, DualMAX, will be on show. This modular semi-trailer can be widened in a loaded condition from 4.27m (14.00ft) to 6.10m (20.00ft) in a patented operation Faymonville has dubbed ‘lift&shift’. This allows the loading platform to be adapted to the size of the load or its distribution on the ground without the need to disassemble the steering system for the widening process.

The foldable frame (to less than 3.05m/10.00ft) makes easy return transport possible on a conventional semi-trailer.

The chassis of the DualMAX is fully metallised (zinc-plated), thus offering the best corrosion protection available on the market. Faymonville will also present a three-axle, super-low, double-drop trailer, MegaMAX. It is available with diverse deck types, such as the lowest stretch perimeter deck available in the market, or a non-stretch flat deck. It is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial parts, machinery or oversized containers. Moreover, its kingpin steering is a unique feature in North America.

Excellent manoeuverability allows access into extremely tight areas. The MegaMAX is available with three axles on air suspension (total stroke of 9.40in). With a compressed length of 53.00ft total and a width of 100.00in without outriggers, it can be run empty without any escorts or permits.

The electric and pneumatic components are DOT approved, following US standards

A self-propelled trailer PowerMAX APMC will also be on show at ConExpo 2016.

The heavy-load modules with hydraulically driven drive axles are the perfect solution where conventional heavy-load tractor units no longer have sufficient pulling force to move extremely heavy loads, or if the use of tractor units has to be dispensed with altogether for reasons of space.

The APMC PowerMAX, with its three modes – trailer mode, assist mode and SPMT mode – offers enormous flexibility to the user.

PowerMAX APMC is a self-propelled trailer.