29 July 2011


Established in 1969 in Ravenna, Italy, we have a staff of about 40 people. In services we have 30 people, and we have 10 people in the office as sales and accounting. Sometimes when we have more jobs, we increase the number of employees to 45.

We have about 30 cranes, which are all rough terrains. Furthermore we have one all terrain rane. We rent the rough terrain cranes for the reason that this kind of crane can easily be rented in the yard, it is multi-purpose. And also they are easier to operate, but then for an all terrain you need an expert.

Pancar has other equipment to rent for tunnel works. We have telescopic handlers and earth moving machines. We have tunneling machines like drills, jumbo and so on. We have concrete mixers, concrete pumps and shotcrete pumps. In our head office in Ravenna we have a full workshop specialised in repairing and overhauling every kind of machines for infrastructure yard.

Infrastructure projects, in particular tunnels, bridges, highway and water construction pipes, are Pancar’s main business. The cranes pick up structural components for construction of tunnels and bridges. We also rent cranes for construction of buildings, but less than for tunneling and bridges. It’s not our usual job. We mainly rent cranes for bridges for motorways and highways.

Our main brands are Grove, Terex Bendini and Locatelli. These cranes range in capacity from 30t-60t, so we have 30t, 35t, 40t, 45t, 50t and 60t. All the rates and capacities are on the website for customers.

We recently purchased some 30t cranes by Grove, some Terex Bendini and Locatelli because we sell machines that are 7 or 8 years old and replace them with new ones, in order to have a more comfortable, newer fleet for our customers.

Rates are going down a bit, unfortunately. I think they are 15/20% lower than a few years ago. There is less money than in the past. When customers have to do a job, they have to spend less money. Even five years ago some customers had more money to spend on some jobs.

Outside Italy, we work for projects in North Africa, South America and Middle East. We meet with crane safety standards outside of Europe according to the standard of the country where the cranes will go to work.