Porr builds Munich high rises

17 August 2017

Porr Deutschland has put four Wolff cranes to work on the Bavaria Towers project, a new high-rise complex at the gateway of the Bogenhausen district consisting of three offi ce towers and a hotel tower.

Wolff 6023 and a Wolff 6031 came from Porr’s own fleet, while a Wolff 7532 and a second Wolff 6023 were hired from the construction equipment rental company Trinac. The trolley jib cranes are mainly used for material handling for the construction of two of the four towers: the Blue Tower (72.3m) and the White Tower (53.6m).

With lifting capacities of 4.6t to 5.2t, the cranes have been lifting heavy concrete and formwork elements as well as concrete steel mats, which are used to reinforce the ceilings and walls of the highrise buildings.

The Wolff cranes are also used for the construction of an underground car park, which will stretch over three basement levels up to 15m in depth.

The cranes had to be freestanding, since a tie-in on the glass façade of the building would not have been possible for technical reasons.

“In order to ensure stability to heights of 69-95m, we used tower sections with a larger cross-section of around 3 x 3m at the base of the cranes. This means that high freestanding tower heights paired with quick assembly times are possible,” said Woffkran Germany sales manager Ulrich Langenbein. The cranes will rise to the final hook heights with the Wolff external climbing method, with no additional mobile crane required. They will be dismantled in the same way when the construction work has been completed at the end of 2017.

When the towers open in mid- 2018, the project will offer around 62,000 sqm of rental space, around a central public plaza.