PTC 200 DS in Brazil

13 November 2018

Mammoet has successfully completed the process of weighing, transporting and lifting the modules of the P-76 FPSO platform for the Technip-Techint consortium at the Techint Offshore Unit in Pontal do ParanĂ¡, Brazil.

The consortium was contracted by Petrobras to carry out the construction and integration of the oil and gas processing modules. Mammoet was responsible for the integration part of the project.

For this job Mammoet deployed its PTC 200 DS crane, one of the largest cranes in the world. This was essential for installing large and heavy modules with millimetre precision, while there was limited space available for the crane on the quayside.

The unique design of Mammoet’s PTC provided the right combination for this project: a long reach (up to 250m), extreme agility (the crane can turn 360° without the need for additional space) and a capacity of up to 5,000t with a relatively small footprint.

This allowed the positioning of the modules with the required precision within the limited space. After assembly of the PTC, Mammoet transported and lifted 30 modules within a very tight schedule and with a perfect safety record.

Upon completion of the commissioning process, the platform will have the capacity to produce up to 150,000 barrels of oil and compress 7m cubic meters of natural gas per day, operating in the Búzios III field.