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Sponsored: Beyond transport 21 December, 2016 Turkish company Sarilar has its roots in transporting heavy loads but now it is a leader not only in transport, but in heavy lifting and assembling too. “We started with offering transportation services and then purchased our first crane on credit. Other cranes followed that one because the market needed cranes. Initially we rented our cranes on a daily basis but for many years now we’ve rented our cranes for periods of months,” the company says. > read more

Sponsored: German (re-)engineering - Quality to rely on 21 December, 2016 Liebherr has sold used cranes since 1974, with the business established as its own department in 1980. It has sold almost 10,000 cranes in 42 years, and offers customers around the world a way to find the used crane they want, backed up by the support of one of the world’s most respected manufacturers. Used cranes have a long history within the mobile crane business of Liebherr.

Sponsored: Integrated service 21 December, 2016 Fagioli Group’s wide range of activities can be summarised by its acronym, FIS – Fagioli Integrated Service. The company says that applying this total supply chain concept is unique in the transport, lifting and project forwarding market.

Raising the mast 22 August, 2016 Over the past year, Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) oversaw the lifting and rigging of Magma Structures composite masts for a yacht in Portsmouth, UK.

Spain projects round up 08 September, 2015 This month we review projects from Marín, Cádiz, Cabo de Peñas and Bilbao.

Brighter shores 07 September, 2015 After the Spanish housing construction market was severely damaged during the recession, the country’s crane manufacturers had to look abroad and expand their portfolios. Daniel Searle reports from Zaragoza.

Western Europe Project round up 24 December, 2014 This month we review projects from France, Germany.

South Europe Project round up 31 July, 2014 This month we review projects from France, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Rising above the ruins 31 July, 2014 Italy has a long and proud history of crane-building and was for many years one of the world’s leading markets for both rough terrains and tower cranes. Today though, it’s domestic market is decimated and crane builders are having to look for new opportunities. Will North visited some of these and Samoter in Verona.

Spain explores the world 30 July, 2014 With domestic demand in Spain as low as it has ever been, crane manufacturers and rental companies are focusing on opportunities overseas. Liliam Molina reports.

Europe Project round up 18 March, 2014 This month we review projects from Guernsey, France, Sweden and Germany.

In our fleet: BKV 11 February, 2014 In 1979 Chris Deij formed Barneveldse Kraanverhuur B.V. (BKV). In 1998 the ownership was passed on to the four sons of Chris Deij: Daan, Dick, Henry and Albert. BKV B.V. currently has 23 cranes with a lifting capacity of between 40t and 750t. Daan Deij, the current MD, talks about the range of the company’s activities.

Rapid prototyping 04 December, 2013 Dutch heavy lift and wind energy specialists BKV diverted their new Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 from a job in northern Germany to help regular client Lagerwey Wind erect a new design of wind turbine.

Emergency recovery 14 February, 2013 When a helicopter crashed into a tower crane in Central London, crane owners Brookfield Multiplex confounded pessimists by arranging the supply of one of the country's biggest mobile cranes from hirers Ainscough. Will North reports

In our fleet 31 January, 2013 Turkish tower crane firm Tekno Group has had a role in developing the market in Turkey, says its vice president, Sinan Tureyen.

Weldex’s crawler sinks tunneling machine 31 January, 2013 Weldex has used a 1,350t Liebherr crawler to lower a tunnel boring machine for the new Crossrail line connecting London's Heathrow airport in the west, with Canary Wharf in the east.

From Austria to the world 03 August, 2012 Over the last ten years Palfinger has worked to diversify its product range and internationalise its sales. Will North spoke to CEO Herbert Ortner, and managers of the group's new worldwide
businesses, during the company's 80th birthday celebrations near Salzburg

Wagenborg helps scan the skies 30 July, 2012 Wagenborg Nedlift took part in a historic lift at the Dwingelderveld National Park in the Netherlands where the iconic Dwingeloo Radio Telescope was being restored.

Pragotechnik 27 July, 2012 Pragotechnik was established in 1991, right after the Velvet Revolution. It was established by
German and Czech businesses to trade cranes between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Under-the-hook update 13 July, 2012 This month Cranes Today takes a look at rigging products developed for wide-ranging industries including light construction, oil and gas, and salvage. The Versabar Claw is designed to quickly remove sunken topsides offshore. Other companies focus on lighter loads, such as Pemco, offering a pipe safety hook. For lifting light loads without electricity, we interview Global Track on a new hook for its manual overhead crane.

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