Road for rail

26 April 2018

Faymonville has supplied a trailer to carry a large railway machine on French roads.

SNCF Reseau is the company responsible for managing, and developing the French rail network. It recently invested in a custom-made and completely automated machine to replace railway points. The machine, produced by the French company Cipal and called ‘Rapace Dac’, has a weight of 38t. Faymonville recently delivered the special trailer to transport this impressive machine.

The need is to reliably transport this heavy machine within the French category two norms for special transport.

This project was finalized in cooperation with MAN, who supplied the 6x4 tractor unit for the project.

The trailer solution is a MultiMAX 1+3 semi-trailer from Faymonville with a width of 2.99m and an extra-long 17m loading platform. The trailer has a technical load distribution of 25t on the gooseneck and 11.5t on each axle.

The height of the gooseneck is hydraulically adjustable to balance out uneven ground. The lashing rings are foldable, inwardly and outwardly, even when the vehicle is loaded.

The simple but effective pneumatic suspension system offers a stroke of 200mm. The hydraulically steered axles react quickly and allow a steering angle of up to 42°. The MultiMAX 1+3 has so far served without problems on the project.