Rolling in Romania

29 September 2017

Rontransmar, the largest special transport company in Romania, has 35 axle lines of Scheurle InterCombi transporters in its fleet. Recently, it used 28 axle lines to move a 230t transformer by road and barge.

The Rontransmar specialists loaded the InterCombi platform trailers onto a barge at Constanta, for the first river-bound leg of the journey. The transformer was transshipped directly onto the vehicles, using the ship’s cranes.

The first big challenge came arose moving off the barge at the inland port of Oltenita, on the Danube. The tractor units 1,500 horsepower and 5,000Nm torque fought against the 10% ramp gradient followed by negotiating a gravel track which had been softened by the rain. After several attempts, the undertaking was a success—the Scheuerle InterCombi meanwhile accommodating the stresses resulting from the unsuccessful attempts to leave the barge and climbing the track due to its torsion-resistant design.

In spite of the relatively steep ramp leading to the barge and the extremely concentrated load, driving off was no problem. “The Scheuerle InterCombi modules can be controlled with a high degree of precision and, at the same time, are very robust”, said Rontransmar founder, Vlad Lechintan.

The next challenge was the ring road around Oltenita, where the Rontransmar team had to deal with a difficult slalom course in order to avoid the numerous high-voltage and telecommunication cables along the route. In addition, when aproaching the final destination things became very tight once more between Urziceni and Ploesti.

A 90° bend on a very steep stretch of road added close to half an hour to the transportation time. Here, the Scheuerle InterCombi platform trailers could fully utilize their manoeuvrability and directional stability, and ensured a safe and even position of the load due to the hydraulic axle compensation

The transshipment operation at Constanta
To pull the load off the barge, the tractor, with 1,500hp and exerting torque of 5,000Nm, fought against a 10% ramp gradient, on a rain-soaked gravel track
Careful manoeuvring and adjustment of overhead lines was required for the journey