Rope pull: Wire rope product news

26 January 2011

WireCo WorldGroup - Van Beest - Cosalt

WireCo WorldGroup
In a bid to provide products for applications in the crane industry that require wire rope with particularly high minimum breaking force properties, Wireco WorldGroup has this month announced the release of the Starlift Xtra wire rope.

Developed through WireCo subsidiary and wire rope specialist CASAR, the latest addition to the Starlift range of wire rope products has a minimum breaking force nearly 14t higher than the strongest of the firm’s existing offerings for a 32mm diameter rope.

The Starlift Xtra is a compacted rope featuring 16 outer strands independent of the rope diameter, conferring good rotational resistance and wear resistance to extend fatigue life.

WireCo claim that the rope’s design exhibits strong torsional balance between the outer and inner layers, and the minimal torque means there is virtually no tendency for the rope to rotate.

The Starlift Xtra is also appropriate for use with a swivel, complying with guidance on swivel use in Annex A ISO 21669 and meeting Category 1 requirements as set out in ASTM A1023.

Manufactured for a diameter tolerance of +4%, the Starlift Xtra is available in diameters from 16mm up to 32mm, at which the minimum breaking force is 119t.

WireCo WorldGroup senior vice president of global sales, Wolfgang Oswald commented: “The addition of CASAR Starlift Xtra to our product mix enables us to offer even more options to meet the needs of the global crane market. CASAR is renowned for the manufacturing of specialty wire rope and hoisting cables, and our products remain the highest quality available.”

Van Beest
Van Beest has added another product to its Green Pin range of shackles, suitable for use with wire rope and sling applications.

The new addition, available since last October, is the smallest in the range, a 30t grade 8 alloy steel shackle. It features an increased bow radius of 126mm to help improve wire rope wear resistance and reduce damage to synthetic slings.

Appropriate for use in temperatures from -20°C to 200°C, the shackle is provided with a works certificate, manufacturer test certificate and a 3.1 material certificate.

For slings, the firm also announced the release of a flat web sling-to-chain connector last September. The Excel Flat web sling-to-chain connector is fabricated using grade 8 alloy steel, and is suitable for use with chains with 7mm to 8mm diameters, with a 2t WLL.

Acknowledged internationally as a leader in wire rope manufacture, Bridon International’s products are considered by many to be the industry standard.

As a result, one of Bridon’s product distributors, Cosalt, stock a number of Bridon products, including the Endurance Dyform 34LR, the Endurance Dyform 8PI and the Endurance Dyform 6.

Cosalt now also stock one of the manufacturer’s most recent product developments, the Dyform 50DB, commercially available since September last year.

The Dyform 50 DB is a rotation-resistant wire rope that the firm claims boasts improved wear properties whilst also reducing wear on the sheaves.

Available in diameters from 8mm to 26mm, the Dyform 50 DB has a minimum breaking force of 5.83t with an 8mm diameter, and 61.6t with a 26mm diameter.

CASAR Starlift Xtra CASAR Starlift Xtra
Green pin shackle Green pin shackle
Cosalt crane unloaders using wire rope Cosalt crane unloaders using wire rope
Cosalt - Bridon International's Dyform 50DB Cosalt - Bridon International's Dyform 50DB
Green Pin sling shackle Green Pin sling shackle