Small crawler cranes at Bauma China

14 January 2009

At least eight different manufacturers exhibited small crawler cranes at Bauma China.

Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries showed not one new crawler but three: the 55t capacity YTQU55, 80t capacity YTQU80 and 160t capacity YTQU160. The cranes have main boom lengths of 52m, 58m and 81m. Longest boom+jib system lengths (in m) are 43+15, 49+18 and 69+31. Counterweight required is 17.5t, 25t and 56t. All three run on Cummins engines; the 55t model has a 128kW engine at 2,100rpm; the other two have a 209kW engine at 2,000rpm. All three cranes have imported speed reducers, motors, pumps, valves and hydraulics. The Henan province-based company launched the cranes this year, and claims to be working on export models.

Tower crane manufacturer Zhejiang HUBA Construction Machinery Co showed an 80t capacity QUY80, part of what the company says is a range of six models up to 260t capacity. The QUY80 has a maximum lattice jib of 58m, or a boom + fly jib system length of 46m+18m. The crane has a 180kW engine at 2,000 rpm, and operates with 24t counterweight.

Shenyang Sanyo Building Machinery, trading as SYM, launched a QUY150 crawler. The company also makes 55t and 80t crawlers, and sent three 55-tonners to Dubai. It is planning a 260-tonner for launch in 2009, according to overseas sales department director Chen Yu. The crane has a maximum boom length of 81m. Maximum boom+jib is 69m+31m.

Jiangsu Luluda Construction Machinery showed a 75t QUY75. The crane has maximum main boom length of 61m, and 18m fly jib. Engine output is 175kW at 2,200rpm. The crane operates with 24t counterweight.

Shenyang North Traffic Heavy Industry Group, known more for truck cranes, has launched what would appear to be its second, and largest, crawler crane, the QY65. It also makes a 55t model. The QY65 is powered by a 276kW engine and maximum boom length of 56m.

FUWA Heavy Industry, formerly known as Fushun, showed a 55t capacity telescopic crawler crane, the FWT-55, with elevating cabin. Maximum boom length was 38m, and a 7m jib is also available. The crane is powered by a 128kW (at 2,000rpm) Cummins engine. Total counterweight is 15.6t.

Another tele-crawler on show was the 25t DaiFeng QUY25, from Taishan Construction Machinery. The crane has a 27m maximum lifting height, is powered by a Cummins 6CTA8.3-C215, and has an operating weight of 34.5t.

YTQU55 (left) and YTQ80 crawlers from Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries YTQU55 (left) and YTQ80 crawlers from Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries
Zhejiang HUBA QUY80 Zhejiang HUBA QUY80