Spider crane line from Palazzani

22 May 2019

Palazzani’s surprise at Bauma was the prototype of the RPG2000 mini spider crane on a crawler chassis, marking the beginning of a new product line.

The new machine has 9.5m maximum hook height, 8.7m maximum reach and 2,900kg x 1.4m maximum capacity. It also offers continuous slewing.

The RPG2000 is bi-energy: it has a diesel engine and an electric motor.

“You can put the cable in a plug and use this crane for indoor applications,” said Serena Mingardi from Palazzani’s sales, marketing and press department.

Like all the other machines built by the Italian manufacturer, this model is made using Strenx high tensile steel from Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB. Mingardi said the production of this RPG2000 will enter in production at the end of this year.

She added that the company is working on another model for the RPG range, the 3,000kg x 2.5m capacity RPG3000.

As to the reasons behind the launch of the RPG line, Mingardi said the company identified a market opportunity, as the spider crane market is buoyant and serviced by a small number of players.

“With our experience in manufacturing spider-type platforms we knew we could do this well. It is also completing our production range, because it is a complementary to other products.”

The company also launched upgraded versions of some of its spider lifts, showing the 37m XTJ 37+.

Like all the manufacturer's models from 32m (TZ 330+)- 52m, on this XTJ37+ a 500kg hydraulic winch can be attached for lifting applications. 

The Palazzani RPG2000 mini spider crane