Synthetic-rope innovations

22 February 2017

WireCo World Group will exhibit several products such as the brand-new synthetic hoist rope Lanko Lift S at ConExpo, stand G73012. The bright yellow rope, made by Lankhorst Ropes, consists of 12 braided outer strands made of high-tech material Dyneema.

The fibres in the Lanko Life S rope have breaking strength equal to a steel rope of the same thickness. The construction of the rope core is specially designed to achieve the required resistance to transverse pressures.

Laboratory tests have produced excellent results for breaking strength and projected service life based on the reversed bending cycles. An additional feature is the coating treatment applied to the fibres to reduce interior friction and increase UV resistance.

“Many of the visitors at Bauma in Germany picked up the rope to feel its quality and they were suitably impressed by its extremely low weight and great flexibility,” the company says. “Not only do these characteristics make the handling of the product so much easier during installation and hook block changes, it is also suitable for higher payloads, especially with higher lifting heights and longer jib lengths.”

WireCo adds: “Our rope specialists are now working on a logical extension to our ten-strand CASAR Superplast 10 Mix product, a hammered version that combines the great reversed bending characteristics of this construction with even higher breaking strength and an extremely smooth rope surface. The product features of the CASAR Superfit include excellent spooling performance on multiple-layer drums and it also enables higher rope tensile forces.

“This rope generally finds use in applications where high-payload luffing ropes for mast and jib adjustments on crawler cranes and large mobile cranes are required, as well as for specialised spooling and indoor crane requirements.”

The Oliveira DC 4 K 4-strand compacted hoisting rope is a new addition and the main applications include ship and deck cranes. The Oliveira TC 12 K rope has been developed specifically for tower cranes, especially for the small and medium-sized cranes. The Oliveira HD 8 K PPI product has also been upgraded and features a higher breaking load.

Lankhorst’s new Lanko Lift S rope.