Tadano and Tadano-Faun

5 March 2007

Bauma preview

Tadano and Tadano Faun will be taking a two-floor booth, to display ten cranes. Six will be Bauma launches. The first four new cranes will be Tadano Faun G series all terrains, the ATF 360G-6, ATF 90G-4, ATF 50G-3 and ATF 40G-2. There will be a new Tadano rough terrain, the GR-550EX, and a Tadano Faun truck-mounted HK 40. The rest will be established Tadano Faun ATs, the ATF 220G-5, ATF 160G-5, ATF 110G-5 and ATF 65G-4.

Tadano-Faun HK 40 truck crane
Tadano-Faun HK 40 truck crane

The new six-axle ‘flagship’ ATF 360G-6 provides a maximum lifting capacity of 360t and features a 60m, single cylinder boom. Further details, particularly as to the new ‘state of the art’ Tadano jib concept will be unveiled at Bauma.

The ATF 90G-4 will be replacing the ATF 80-4. The ATF 90G-4 has a maximum capacity of 90t. The maximum counterweight is 22t, up from 18t. The boom length is 51.2m and a new bi-fold 18m extension is an option.

The Tadano Faun ATF 50G-3 replaces the ATF 45-3. It can lift 50t, with a 40m boom, 6m more than the previous model. The telescopic system through two cylinders, plus ropes, ensures quick on site settings. The ATF 50G-3 will be fitted with a 16m maximum bi-fold extension.

The ATF 50G-3 features Faun rear axle steering, with the standard being a 6 x 6 x 6 drive/steer and a ZF AS Tronic 12 gear transmission. A retarder is optional. The standard counterweight on the taxi version is 7t. Up to 10t can also be used. The hydraulic system has been optimised through a three-circuit pump control.

The Tadano Faun ATF 40G-2 replaces the 35t ATF 30-2, the smallest crane in the series. The boom length is 35.2m (from 28.5m). With the single 9m extension, the crane has a maximum hook height of approximately 46m. The boom is extended through a combination of a single cylinder with ropes. The taxi version includes 1.4t counterweight, and a total of 6.5t can be ordered.

The new Tadano rough terrain crane, type GR-550EX, with its 55t maximum capacity, fills the gap between the 30t GR-300EX and 70t GR-700EXL. The maximum boom length of the GR-550EX is 42m, and a bi-fold 17m extension is part of the standard unit.

Another Bauma launch is the new HK 40, the successor to the HK 35/L with either 25.3m or 30m boom. The new standard boom reaches to a maximum length of 35.2m in just 105 seconds. An off-settable 0°/20°/40° 9m extension is available. The upper is powered by a four- cylinder 88 kW (118 hp) Mercedes Benz engine. The superstructure can be fitted on a three- or four-axle truck chassis, with a choice of no counterweight, 2.1t, or 4.5t.

The bigger brother of the HK 40 is the HK 60, succeeding the previous HK 50/ HK 50L. This features a 40m boom as a standard. The maximum lifting capacity has been up-rated to 60t, and parts of the rest of the load chart have also seen capacity increases.

As well as new cranes, a new job planner programme will be introduced on the stand. The straightforward system has been developed by KranXpert, an independent software developer. Substantial test runs have been made with the help of the hire board staff of several crane companies.

The system will be available exclusively for Tadano Faun customers after the Bauma for a set period. The system is capable of working with crane data for any manufacturer’s cranes, and will be opened up to be used like this in 2008.