Mammoet - Time is money

14 December 2018

Mammoet is a global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport. However, it says the biggest thing it moves is time because their services help improve efficiency of construction and maintenance projects.

The company says, “We believe our business is about time: uptime, turnaround time and time to market. To our customers, time is the currency that matters most. That’s why we strive to bring their deadlines forward. It’s an integrated, daily effort shared by everyone at Mammoet, in every aspect of our services: creative engineering, careful planning and safe delivery.”

Through its solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures, Mammoet helps its clients improve construction efficiency and optimise the uptime of plants and installations.

The company, which is based in the Netherlands and operates around the world, focuses on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects sectors, where the growing logistics challenges are driving innovation.

“Factors such as remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on the environment are constantly driving us towards smarter and safer solutions,” Mammoet says.

The company’s activities include heavy lifting, heavy transport, plant turnaround/shutdown management, site-wide construction services, modular construction, factory-tofoundation logistics, rapid response, relocation and decommissioning of installations, and trading in new and used equipment worldwide.

Its fleet of 1,253 cranes has a total capacity of nearly 3 million tonnemetres, with individual capacities up to 5,000t or 210,000tm.

The fleet comprises 265 crawler cranes, 358 rough terrain cranes, 451 all terrain cranes, 130 truck cranes, tower cranes, tower gantries, and hydraulic gantries as well as in-house developed ring cranes and terminal cranes.

Mammoet has the largest and most widely-spread fleet in the world, allowing the company to always provide the right equipment for the approach required to optimise construction efficiency or minimise turnaround schedules. All of Mammoet’s equipment is subject to strict maintenance programmes in order to secure maximum reliability and safety.

“For over 200 years we’ve been known for the unique capability of our state-of-the-art equipment. But it’s the trust of our clients that has brought us to where we are today. Their confidence inspires 5,000 Mammoet professionals to give it their all every day and truly make a difference in projects all over the world,” the company says.