Tower cranes at Bauma China

14 January 2009

Tower crane manufacturers at Bauma China have set their sights beyond the boundaries of China. Most of these exhibitors have export managers and have already sold some cranes outside of China, although rarely to the USA or Europe. There were large luffing-jib, flat-top and saddle-jib towers.

Useter showed a luffing-jib crane, JL316-24, with moving counterweight with 60m jib, at the end of which it can lift 3.7t. In 2008, the company finished a 240tm topless crane with maximum jib of 80m, JT502-20. The company is planning to manufacture much larger tower cranes in 2009 to meet demand in infrastructure markets. Planned models range from 500tm to 2,000tm, with maximum loads from 20t-50t, and jibs from 65m-80m, says general manager Songyan Liu. The company is based in Shenyang.

The QTD-480 luffing-jib tower crane from CNGC can raise 7.5t to 50m with a 50m jib on four falls of rope, or 24t to 20m radius with 50m jib. The full name of the company is CNGC Jianglu Machinery & Electronics Technology.

Also shown were Potain’s MCR 225A luffing jib crane, maximum capacity 14t, the Liebherr 160 HC-L 8/16 luffer and Zoomlion TCR 6055-32, with 60m jib and maximum capacity of 32t, and Sichuan Jincheng’s JCD260 with doubled luffing ropes. All were listed in the Bauma China preview, Cranes Today October.

One of the beefiest topless cranes on show was the new Yongmao STT 753, sold to US-based dealer Lewis Equipment. The crane can lift 5.4t at end of its 80m jib, or 40t maximum load. It has a maximum free-standing height of 73m.

Huba’s flat-top T6022A has a 60m jib and a maximum load of 12t (6t at jib-end). The crane features stepless speed control, and a free-standing height of 50m, anchored height of 200m. The Zhejiang Huba Construction Machinery Co focuses on its home market of eastern China, but also exports internationally. The company also makes crawlers from 50t–260t.

Dahan has shown the 125tm QTZ 125 tower crane. It can lift 1.5t to 60m jib-end, and a maximum load of 10t. Maximum freestanding height is 60m, or 200m with anchors. The company is based in Zhangqiu City, Shandong.

The Deying TC7030 saddle-jib tower crane is CE marked for sale into Europe, according to export manager Jacky Zhang, although the company is currently looking for dealers. Maximum boom length is 70m, at which the crane can lift 3t. Maximum load is 12t. Maximum height under hook is 115m. Zhejiang Deying Architectural Machinery Manufacturing Company is based in Pinghu.

SYSD’s saddle-jib S145/50/23, can lift 2.3t to the end of its 50m jib, or 10t to 14.5m. Maximum height under hook is 243m. The company’s full name is Shenyang Shendiao Tower Crane Manufacture Co; it is based in Liaoning province.

Yongmao STT 753-40 Yongmao STT 753-40
Useter JL316-24 Useter JL316-24