Unparalleled strength

22 February 2017

Rope manufacturer Samson will exhibit its Agile Lifting System at stand G71721.

Described as “the next generation heavy-lift synthetic sling”, Agile matches the strength and light weight of Samson’s proven synthetic rope slings but with a form factor similar to round slings.

Using advanced proprietary software, Agile generates precise sling designs quickly, with pinpoint accuracy. Because fabrication relies on rope from Samson’s distributors’ stock, it can be achieved in a fraction of the time it would take for alternative slings to be crafted.

Overall, Agile’s patented design addresses concerns for weight, safety, scheduling and handling for engineered lifts requiring sling strengths of 50–4,000t.

Using the rope technology that Samson’s AmSteel Blue is known for, Agile is a hybrid product that combines the advantages of round and rope slings into one lightweight, easy-to-handle rigging system for heavy payloads.

Samson launched the first synthetic hoist line for mobile cranes at ConExpo 2014.

Samson’s Prem Swaminathan on a K-100 installation.
Samson’s Agile Lifting System is a hybrid production combining the advantages of round and rope slings.