Young player

21 May 2018

The youngest manufacturer from the ones included in this series is Remdevice, which entered the market in 2003. Like its fellow radio remote control makers, the company started with a focus on the construction industry, with its first products being the patented Brick and Pail.

The Brick is a transmitter with an operating life without recharging of up to 40 hours. “It is the first keyboard with patented induction recharging system, fully isolated from dust and humidity,” said sales manager Paolo Gobbato.

It can have up to 12 buttons, data feedback and selector or potentiometric controller.

The Pail is a console, which can have two to fi ve joysticks, selectors and potentiometers, display and data feedback. Among the various applications these products can be used for, the Brick is suitable for tower cranes, while the Pail is for tower crane and truck mounted cranes.

Remdevice kept innovating and in 2008 it launched the T7, a compact 7-button transmitter with programmable auxiliary button. Like other products of the T series, its battery that can be replaced after 1,200 hours’ work and eliminates the complication of constantly recharging. In case of failure or loss of the transmitter, replacement takes only a few seconds, thanks to the patented REMsys Code system.

“It is a revolutionary system, the information protocol is divided in three parts; one inside the receiver, one in the transmitter and when you couple this there is the third part produced, a unique code identifies the transmitter and receiver. If you lose the transmitter or break it, you take another one and with a simple system you can switch off the receiver and then start again the new connection between this transmitter and the receiver.”

The construction industry accounts for 25% of Remdevice’s business, with Gobbato seeing a good demand. He said that companies have now started to buy new cranes again, after a period of crisis, and are therefore purchasing new controls. “We are all exporting in North Africa and South America that construction activity is still high.”

Gobbato said the manufacturer is now focusing on hydraulics, like crawler cranes and access platforms, in order to respond to an increased demand for these applications.

“Until now there is more margin in this field because the products required are highly customized,” said Gobbato.

Customising for hydraulic application is more challenging than other applications, but Gobbato said that if the customer gives clear specifications then Remdevice can make the product in a short period of time.

“Only the dimension of the basket is the limit. We can have four of these joysticks, twelve buttons, depending on where they want the buttons.” In 2014 the company opened its new headquarters in Nove, moving the production and administration away from the original facility in Bogogno, where the research and development centre still remains. The company gained ISO 9001 certification this year.

The company in recent years has managed to increase its international presence. “At the beginning we wanted to focus on Italy for enough years to establish the good reliability for the product. We then started with Germany and Belgium and in 2010-2011 we started to expand our global coverage.

“Europe is almost covered. We also have dealers in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, China, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria and Tunisia. We also started seeing demand from Russia and UAE.”

The company aims to increase its turnover by 50% in 2018 compared to 2017, and increase it by a third in 2019.

“These growth rates may appear high but I see there is a market. Any new country we were not present in the past is a growth avenue for us,” said Gobbato.

The compact Brick transmitter