£500k crane simulator training investment

12 October 2021

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Enermech invests in KraneSIM-6000 training simulators from Drilling Systems for three global locations

The training arm of Enermech, an Aberdeen, Scotland-based provider of integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services to the international energy and infrastructure sectors, has invested half-a-million pounds in crane simulator training systems in a move designed to support safe lifting operations.

Enermech has invested in KraneSIM-6000 simulators from Bournemouth, UK-headquartered company Drilling Systems. The KraneSIM:6000 is a full-size simulator designed to offer immersive crane operator training.

The simulators will be installed at Enermech’s facilities in: Luanda, Angola; Doha, Qatar; and Great Yarmouth, UK.

The simulators include a range of generic or specific crane types and training environments including offshore installations, floating platforms, and supply vessels. A variety of load objects and subsea configurations can be configured. The KraneSIM:6000 can also simulate operational malfunctions, equipment failure, overload problems and major contingencies to maximise operator competency in a wide range of scenarios.

EnerMech’s head of training Jennifer Batchelor said, “Undertaking crane lifting operations safely is a highly skilled job, and ensuring personnel are competent and certified to support this is essential. The KraneSIM technology creates a safe environment for operators to build confidence and develop strong decision-making skills under pressure that could ultimately save lives and negate downtime offshore.

“We have been utilising Drilling Systems’s world-class simulator technologies to support safe and efficient lifting operations training for our clients in the global energy and infrastructure industries since 2005. As part of our ongoing growth, this £500k investment allows for training, competence assessment, pre-employment testing, and supporting emergency management across a further three of our clients’ key geographies and truly cements the 3t EnerMech joint venture aim of delivering world-class training services.”

EnerMech’s training arm was established 25 years ago and currently delivers 116 courses to its global network. As well as its training facilities in Great Yarmouth, Luanda and Doha, it also has centres in Aberdeen, Kemaman and Singapore.