52 lifts for Tadano all terrain

13 August 2019

A Tadano ATF 100G-4 from Jandt Kranvermietung’s fleet was used for the construction of a manure silo in Oelde, Germany.

The assignment for the experienced crane operator Tim Heck was to lift 52 concrete parts into a vertical position and set them down precisely.  The parts, each weighing 4.5t, form the circular wall of the manure silo.

The easy set up of the 100t crane facilitated the operation. The 19.6t counterweight was positioned quickly and the outrigger beams were manually set up. The asymmetrical outrigger base was not required. “There is no axle in front of the outriggers on the 100. This means that we can set up the outrigger beams more quickly and safely by hand, especially on uneven terrain or steep slopes. This saves a lot of time,” said Heck.

Jandt Kranvermietung opted for the two-winch option for the purchase of its new 100 series crane. “This is already paying off with this job,” Tadano said. “It was possible to optimally rotate and turn each of the 4.5t concrete parts. And above all: this was possible without any edges making contact with the ground as the piece was moved from a horizontal to vertical position. Damage to a concrete edge during positioning was thus avoided.”

Each lift lasted about ten minutes, and was carried out with a boom length of 33m plus 1.6m for the heavy-duty jib and a lifting height of 38.1m. The wall was erected in two days, as 26 concrete parts were positioned per day.