Ainscough helps assembly of waste to energy plant

25 July 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

A combined team from Ainscough’s heavy cranes division and the company’s Immingham depot has completed a succession of lifts to assemble a leading-edge energy from waste plant in Humberside.

The Energy Works facility in Hull is a leading gasification plant, using a combination of innovative renewable energy technologies to achieve resource and energy recovery from domestic and commercial waste.

The fluidised bed gasification plant, being constructed by M+W Group, will convert the waste materials into a synthesised gas which will then be used to generate electricity using a steam turbine engine.

The Ainscough team spent two weeks on site completing around a dozen separate lifts including lifting the main components of the plant into position. These included economisers, heat exchangers and the main boiler.

The components, which weighed from 67t to 209t, were lifted using a range of cranes from the Ainscough fleet, including a Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 and LG1550. The size of the modules required the loads to be tailed to enable them to be safely lifted into position.