AMCS DCS 60 on a Kroll K4000

17 December 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

AMCS technologies, specializing in anti-collision and zoning systems, has supplied its DCS 60 driving control system for the West White Rose project in Canada.

West White Rose’s project involves connecting a new fixed drilling rig to the FPSO SeaRose.  For this project, AMCS technologies products were installed on a number of tower cranes.

Cropac Equipment supplied the Husky Energy job site with three new Terex CTT472-20 model flat top tower cranes with AMCS anti-collision systems and anemometers.

They also supplied an AMCS system to integrate the existing Kroll K4000 on the project, which was moved over from a previous Husky project. The K4000 hammerhead has a maximum capacity of 110t and maximum reach of 90m.

The DCS60 has three fundamental functions: zoning; anti-collision; display unit and data logger.