AMCS technologies launches telematics solution

31 July 2020

AMCS technologies has developed its own telematics solution called IoT Lifting, comprising a web platform and a mobile application.

“Monitoring your site’s productivity with precision and remotely, knowing the daily activity of your cranes, managing your fleet of AMCS technologies products as well as carrying out remote diagnostics are the objectives of the company’s new solution,” said AMCS technologies.

IoT Lifting provides access to technical data in real time concerning anti-collision systems and the use of the crane. It collects all the information transmitted by the DCS 61-S anti-collision systems relating to each crane on a mobile application as well as a web portal and generates personalised statistics according to each site and company.

IoT Lifting Web works by adding a SIM card (with a 3G/4G network) in DCS 61-S systems. It collects information continuously thanks to various sensors placed on the cranes. It is thus possible to store, send and receive this information on the web portal.

Thanks to personal logins with different levels of access and functions, customers will be able to: have access to the mapping of all of its sites equipped with DCS 61-S and thus manage its fleet of AMCS technologies products; remotely view the SUP 61 supervisors and the DCS 61-S screens placed in the crane operators’ cabins; analyse, download and share information; generate personalised statistics; carry out remote diagnostics.

All the systems are mapped, the user thus has the possibility of knowing precise information concerning them, including: on which sites his systems are installed; the address of this one; on which cranes as well as their numbers; the version of the software; the serial numbers of the equipment; what elements of the anti-collision kit are installed; how many cranes are interfering; how many prohibited zones are present.

The mobile application is available on Android and iOS. It allows the operator to monitor accurately, remotely and in real time the data of cranes and DCS 61-S; among the data are wind speed and the slewing angle. Notifications are also sent to the user. Finally, thanks to advanced access rights, it is possible to neutralise the anti-collision and prohibited zone functions within a limited radius around the site after the acknowledgment of the operator of the machine concerned.

AMCS technologies offers this new tool internationally as the SIM cards of each DCS 61-S system operate in more than 170 countries.

“All of our customers will benefit from daily feedback on the productivity of their construction sites and cranes equipped with our DCS 61-S anti-collision systems,” said Mohamed Chettibi, CEO of AMCS technologies.